Monday, May 13, 2013

Egotistical, Narcissistic, Name Calling...Yeah, Ok...

Yes I AM! Whatever, everyone's a critic. Why not a strong business woman? Lmao, call it what you want, what I will not do is argue with anyone. Not trying to change the world or anyone's views... I just want to entertain. That's it, that's all.

I'm about quality, not quantity. A adult male talent compared his 11,000+ to my 300+ followers... negro please!!! I am not looking at how many folks I have fucked in the industry, I am not about the "limelight", I am not competing with other talent or companies. I am just following a dream. I am about the quality. I earned my followers and supporters... hard work, dedication, and being responsible. Ego, ego, ego... uh... next.

Life's to short to worry about the little things. Fact. Been there done that. So I hear... Kima "seeks attention" and "tell Kima to stop"... or "oh, I hope your not telling folks that"...WTF? I see, I see, ... I see. Folks can get away with stealing, lying, and get a fucking "Pat on the back" hugs, kisses, and blah, blah, blah. Those that keep it "Real" get chopped the fuck up, lmao... The game is fucked up! It is rigged! HaHaHaHa!

Like I said, "Fuck it". I like fun. I like to have fun. I got into the adult industry to have fun. BIG FUN. So far, so good. I had to be reminded that by a good friend... Kima, you got into the business to "have fun"... I remember that conversation. I do remember old friend, and I "Thank You" for reminding me of that. That is "LOVE" right there... real fucking love.  I am Blessed and Thankful.

I was a senior in high school fucking with this dude who had "put hands on me" it was the 1st time I had experienced that type of relationship... it was the last as well. And a male friend had told but, also asked in such a cavalier way...."if I liked that shit". Hell no, I didn't. The way he said it... how it came across... is still in my head today, lol...shit tonight! I immediately stopped messing around with the guy. Some folks are put into our lives to send a message or give you that "wakeup" call in life.

Ah, I do appreciate that shit! BOOM! IN YO FUCKIN' FACE!

Much Love and Respect to all new Followers and Supporters! To my folks overseas... MUAH! I am here for you, just having "big fun" and entertaining. Enjoy! Until next time...

SoSexyKima® aka Kima Shines


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