Saturday, May 4, 2013

Absolutely Amazing! ;-D

Life is amazing! Awoke this morning with a serious revelation about myself and life... It is called "Fuck It". Seriously, just "fuck it". The most important person in my life is "GOD", trust no one, seek knowledge at all times, hard work pays off, and continue to push forward on all aspects of my personal achievements.

Began a new career as a freelance makeup artist for Benefits Cosmetics! Wow! Being in such a fast paced environment is mind blowing, lol... To look at beautiful women all day is a plus, plus too! Standing on my feet for 8 hours is so worth it! Pushing product as well is all new to me, putting makeup on a woman and trying to get her to buy what I'm using on her face...can be quite an ordeal!!!

I have a big exam in about three weeks, it has been my primary focus since graduating school. I don't want to mess up like I did last year, so preoccupied with other shit on my mind I didn't do well. That test was to further my career as a massage therapist, the one coming up is to become a licensed Esthetician. Not happening again. Lesson learned. Any test I take in the future is to further my education and increase better options in my careers. I like to challenge myself, because I was so bad at procrastinating some years ago. Now, when I decide to do something I follow all the way through...until the fucking end! I am a woman of my word, not just to others but to myself as well. I am my worse critic, I am in no way shape or form a perfect person, but what I am is honest. So, honest it can get me in trouble at times, lol...I make no apologies for it either. It's a gift and a curse. I make mistakes, I admit them, and I learn from's valuable lessons.

Life is good when you know who you are as a person. Life is good when you have people in your life that love you. Life is fabulous when one likes and loves themselves! Life is grand when you follow through and accomplish your goals! No longer living and enjoying! Life is what I make it...A ADVENTURE! GO KIMA!!!

Until next time...

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