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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life Is Good!

 Man life is so fucking good! Happy to be alive, healthy, working...truly blessed and thankful. Period! Not everyone can say that out loud...I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD BABY! When one door closes, another opens...everyone has that opportunity...the key is to grasp it! Don't question...Just Do It! Getting ready for my trip to Los Angeles week, I've got so much to do, lol...the rest of the summer is going to be eventful. A lot to do, packing for my trip and working on upcoming production for Steamy Stimulations's not easy. But when a person enjoys what they do, it's not really work. It is a daily adventure! So, I picked up my cute custom made dress from Ms. Penny the other day, it is so adorable! Love the plunging neckline, boobies are saying, "Hello" Smile for the camera! This is my 1st time attending the UrbanXAwards, have no clue what expect, just going to sit back, watch, and enjoy myself. A whole week of work and play, keeps SoSexyKima renewed. Haha!

So, I'm in Los Angeles right now, and this blog is originally two weeks old, if you don't know me by now...Fuck It! The radio show was a success on Wednesday night, I appreciate all the new listeners tuning in, I know some you folks are shy and don't want to be on the air...its all good! I love u anyway! To those who are abroad listening to my nasty ass, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! Steamy Stimulations Presents...has gone international!!! Amazing! Never in my wildest dreams! Haha! So working hard to bring everyone a bit of my world, the stories are just so surreal! Does that shit really happen? Who does that? Let me tell u is so real!!!

Its the day after the extremely lazy day, lol. Wore my jade/silver latex dress for almost six hours and let me say, I did quite well in it, 1st experience was a sweaty situation. I've been working my buns off on my careers as a massage therapist and adult entertainer, its work in itself but it's fun work. When you love what you do, there are no complaints. Except some of the folks you deal or work with. That can be a hassle, not everyone is going to be on the same page or work ethic. Can't stand working with a lazy muthafucka! A major pet peeve of mine, don't be lazy and a complainer, those are the worse. Anyway hard work, pays off. It comes when its supposed to, not when I want it. In due time, patience is a virtue. It may seem like I repeat things at times but its a discipline, when you believe in something and things go well...its satisfaction. Again, this blog is over at least two weeks old beginning in the Bay Area and right now, right now in the city of Los Angeles. I never complete a blog the day I start it, lol. Always into some shit :-) Always, Muah! Shot a few scenes the other day, came out quite good, I'm a rookie behind the camera but in front of it, I am enjoying!  Call me a nasty bitch if you want too!!! HAHA!  Its all in good fun baby, all in good fun. I did get to see some of the Legends in Porn at the awards show like Sean Michaels, Alexander Devoe, Diana Devoe, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, and a lot of new actors/actresses as well, again the UrbanXAwards focuses on the interracial porn/adult films, so you have African Americans, Asians, Caucasian, Latin, and some of European decent. Lots of interesting people there, some music and entertainment. The most interesting person of the night for me was Madison, she's a hot and sexy African-American transsexual, big tits, big ass, and a big dick! She won herself an award too! SoSexyKima supports you girl! Do it!

Make sure you tune in to the show "Back to Reality" on Wednesday, 7/25 at 7pm on be giving my in depth detail about my vacation, upcoming shows, music, fun and entertainment. Shout out to all the new followers/supporters for taking Steamy Stimulations Presents... and SoSexyKima into a new dimension!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
                         To be continued...

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