Monday, August 13, 2012

Behind the scenes...

In Chicago now, have been the past few days. On tour with my girl BigRedBootyXXX, hitting up some spots and working on bringing you folks some nasty ass shit to watch!!! If you haven't been paying attention BigRed and I did our 1st scene together last year with on "Lesbian BBBW's Vol.15, we had so much fun!!! Kept in touch and decided one day we'll work with one another, I'm here in Chi-town having a great time! Not used to the wind and humidity, so my sinuses are fucking with me big time. Eyes watering, draining down the back of my throat, its really horrible, but can't let that stop me! One minute I'm ok, next I can't breathe out my nose, lol...soon as I get back to California, it'll clear up...I guarantee it! So far I've been shopping, hit up a few clubs, hung out on the Westside of Chicago, until around 330am in the morning. Out on the street, like a block party with folks drinking, dancing, and smoking to loud as music you can hear up & down the block!!! That couldn't happen in California, somebody would be calling the police or a damn fight would break out...or some fool would shoot up the place!

Radio show is back on air, doing quite well. ;-) Thanks again to all the new followers and supporters. I can never stop saying that, it'll be repeated over and over again...for awhile. There will be now show this Wednesday, it'll return on Aug. 22, 2012 at 7pm on with "Live! On Set With Steamy Stimulations Presents...Going to let your imagination try to figure that one out, lmao...You can call in at (818)369-0315 Phone lines are always open, and all comments/suggestions are welcomed. As I type, its raining outside, warm but chilly, crazy as weather. Crazy, crazy.


Now, I'm getting tired but I want to leave you with a small peak behind the scenes on how SoSexyKima gets  down. I want to introduce Redzilla, a Chicago native and new adult male performer.   He's bustin' loads all over my face, and we're having a good time. Well the load was busted, I just went back for more! LMMFAO! I'M SUCH A NASTY BITCH!!! Until next time...

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