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Monday, June 11, 2012

Education & Training, Stay Busy!

Busy as hell these days, thought I would have more time 4 myself...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I'm a damn fool! I'm taking more classes these days for massage, and still training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! Haha! Going to have a training walk at 16miles soon, still not eating any pork or beef, during this get fit training, and ready to walk my ass 39.3miles in 2 fucking days! WTF!? Lol, what was I thinking? I think I made one of the best decisions in my life! Its all gravy baby! Already planning on next year ;-) Speaking of next year, The Tough Mudder Run! That's what I said...the Tough Mudder Run! If you don't know, I'll keep you posted. It involves mud, lots of it, and a strenous obstacle course, a obstacle course that those in the military do...mmmmmmmmmmmmm..WTF!

So, I started working on this blog last week, just now taking the time to sit down and work on it. A friend of mine asked me, what I do with my blogs? What do I talk about? Everything, I use my blogs as my personal journal, not one I write in everyday but when I can. I used to write in a journal everyday for years, I have some dating back to 1991, college I telling my age, lol..fuck it, your only as old as u feel. I'm young at heart honey! Now, I've done it again...I started working on the 2nd paragraph a few days ago, lol...stopped to do something and never came back. Must I have pictures each time I blog? No, but it looks good, its catchy! When I read another person's blog, I expect a picture or two, but as long as the blog keeps my interest the pictures don't really matter. I've got pictures of my 2nd skydiving jump but my pc is not letting me upload the video or the pictures! ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Skydiving is my new adrenaline rush, 4 real! After I jump, I'm extremely horny! EXTREMELY! I felt it both times, so this is some real shit! So real, I'll be jumping again in a few weeks, basically once a month until I can jump on my fucking own! I watched some of the guys on the plane fly across the sky like "superman" and doing all kinds of acrobatic twist & turns, one dude did a backflip out of the plane! Amazing! My 1st jump at 10,000ft was a gift for my birthday, now I'm hooked, really, lol...I can't believe it myself. The 2nd jump at 13,000ft was just as exhilarating, but I knew what to expect and was happy to be flying in the sky! :-) So, now as I prepare for my 3rd jump in a few weeks, its going to be an all new natural high, I've decided to go all the way & learn how to jump on my own. Isn't this what life's all about? Making decisions, chosing to do something you want to do, what you like to do? Forget about what others think, life is about living to to fullest, its all about what makes a person happy, each individual. I know what drives me, what drives you? What puts a smile on your face, what is your adrenaline rush? What haven't you done, that you always wanted to do? Huh? What? Really, what makes What is your motivation? Think on it...

Been bullshittin' with my blog, I get so fuckin' sidetracked! I can't call it procrastinating, because i work on something everyday! Ok, its the typing part, not the best typer, lol..then I wonder is it all worth it? Is anyone really reading my blogs anyway! What do they really want to read & know? More pictures? No clue for now, just do what Kima does, and go with the flow...16miles in a few days baby! Yes! AvonWalk! So here's a picture from my photoshoot last week, it was a long day that brought about some sexy photos, I've learned & seen a lot in the last year, lol...I'm taking it all in! Love my life, love what I do, and I'm doing it with a big smile on my face! ;-) SoSexyKima, Baby!!!

WEBSITE IS COMING SOON!!! WEBSITE IS COMING SOON! WEBSITE IS COMING SOON!!! WWW.SOSEXYKIMA.COM  WWW.SOSEXYKIMA.COM WWW.SOSEXYKIMA.COM Ummmmmmm, can you say that 3 times? Haha! Whoooooaaaaaaaaa! Life is good baby! Life is good baby! To be continued...

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