Friday, May 18, 2012

Help Save The Lusty Lady Theater!

Help keep the doors open for The Lusty Lady Theater in San Francisco! The World's Only Unionized Worker Owned Peep Show Co-op! We now have a fundraising campaign, and need to raise $25,000 to keep the doors open! Any amount will help and this is the link to go to for all the information
I've been dancing here for the past six months and have enjoyed myself during the process. I just started doing Private Pleasures and Double Troubles in the booth, I got so much to show everyone! It can't close now, I've got my fucking machine, my strapon, butt plugs, nasty dirty erotic talk, outfits...what I'm saying is...I'm a bad girl! I'm here to fulfill your fantasies and desires, LIVE! YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR! YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! The Lusty Lady must remain open! It is a part of San Francisco's infamous red light district since the 1970's! It's also a safe haven for women in the sex industry express themselves and be part owners as well. Again go to the link to make adoantion today! Protect & Save The Historic Lusty Lady!

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