Sunday, April 15, 2012

Keep 'Em Guessin, HaHa!

Where u at Kima? What's going on Kima? Thought sumthin' happened 2 u Kima...LMAO! I'm living, laughing and loving my fucking life! That's what I'm doing baby! That's the real! Welcum 2 the real! Yeah baby! Doing the damn thang I am! As mentioned in my last blog I did a tandem skydive 4 my birthday a few weeks ago, I'm still floating on the clouds! Never do I want 2 cum down, lol...the natural high is to infinity and beyond! Work is always to be done, everyday, all day, the key 2 it is, exactly how much time you put into the things you love to do. Can u understand that? It's about how much you really want something, how far are you willing to go? All the way? Only you, the individual can answer that for yourself. :-D   MESSAGE I, SoSexyKima, I declare I will go as far as G-O-D will allow me to go in any and all situations. Amen

Steamy Stimulations Presents...will be off the airwaves for the month of May and maybe longer. You can always go to at anytime to listen to past shows. There are 3 more shows for the month of April, so make sure you tune in when you can. I can never say enough "Thank You's" to all new followers/supporters! Never! You folks are helping to expand SoSexyKima/Steamy Stimulations Presents...again, THANK YOU! :-D  I will be furthering my education as a massage therapist for a weeks and my full attention must be given. Education is important, to expand the minds and careers for all individuals if they're given the opportunity. Not only that I'm in training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so my time will be focused on school and training to walk up tp 39.3 miles in two days! Lol, I do believe I can do it! I'll be walking for the 1st time and walking alone but I won't be alone. There's going to be thousands of people walking on July 7-8 here in the Bay Area, San Francisco. Yesterday, I walked 9 miles in about 2hours 50mins! Not bad! Not bad! My legs are sore as hell at this moment but its all worth it! My goal is to raise $1800, so far I'm at $588 with 83 more days to fundraise. Stick to my diet, training, plus continue to fundraise, and I shall reach  my goal by the morning of July 7!!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

So again, Steamy Stimualtions Presents...will be off the airwaves for the month of May & maybe longer. Handling business, you feel me. ;-) Keep it 100% BOOM Now on May 6th I'll be interviewed by Autumn Lights on her podcast show its a pre-recorded show, so when you go to the site/link checkout her updates. This is going to be fun! On my show tonight I'll be talking about "How To Suck A Good Dick" at 7pm pst (818)369-0315 you can call in, phone lines are always open and you can click the link in the 1st paragraph to go to the actual site and listen in as well. But, always a catch right, lol, you must be a member of Blogtalkradio to listen. No, you don't have to have a radio show, but you must make a profile, takes less than 5 minutes and your in like flynn. Haha! I'm starving right now! My goodness, I must eat! Until next time folks...Kima


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