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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Party All Month Long!

Party! Party! Party! All month long baby! I'm a Pisces woman, this is my birthday month, and I'll be a year older on March 19, 2012! Having a fabulous time, and I'm not done yet! Not in the least, all they way until the end of the month. Of course I 've got a story to tell...ALWAYS! Haha! I must tell!  know you want to know ;-) Two weeks ago, I went to a swinger party in the east bay, hadn't been to this particular one in several years. When I began swinging, this place was my 1st swingers party and gangbang, lol...anyway, there was a mixed crowd, more men than women, and a comfy setting. Music was playing, a backyard with lots of space and a jacuzzi, plus a male massage therapist was there for the ladies. You know I wanted a massage ;-) Another lady was on the table so, I walked around & mingled. Two exotic ladies were in the living room giving oral sex to a few of the men, and some folks were in the backyard. As I poured myself a drink, a guy began to talk to me & introduce himself. A black man in his 30's, nice looking and his 1st time at a swinger's party! I asked if he was alone, said he came with a female friend and he was just out for a good time. He asked if he could give me a massage, I laughed & said "sure" we went upstairs, picked a nice room, and he began massaging me. I became hot& horny, lol, asked if I could massage him, so I did and we got to know each other in the process. A few guys & gals came in the room looking, I like to give oral sex, so I asked if I could do just that, without any hesitation he says "yes", I do a dick check, ask about his sexual health, and few other questions, and began sucking!!! Let me just say I had fun that night! I had multiple orgasms, got fucked by at least 6 different dicks! White, Black, Asian, and African! I don't discriminate, its all in fun! Got to rub on some pussy, and suck on some big ass titties! HOORAY 4 ME! The atmosphere was care free, no complaints accept for...YES, ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING!!! Haha! Sex no issues, people no issues, but some folks in this lifestyle, haha. Let me get to the point...False Advertising! A serious pet peeve of mine, the host of the party is a male who began years ago throwing parties with his wife. They're divorced, been divorced for a few years, but he still advertises that they are still together! I mean literally, this woman is nowhere around, lol. As a single woman in this lifestyle, that is not good. Its false advertising, it tells a story about the host and what his real intentions are, and gives a lot of answers to the ratio of male-to-female. It's called "pay attention to your surroundings" Not everything is what it seems, I did have a great time but won't be returning again. There was a reason why I hadn't been in a while, it just all came back within seconds. Damn! Looking to have a good time & some folks just don't have it together. It's bad for business, why do I say that? Single men are $100, couples are $80, single ladies are free. If 2 women show up, no couple, and over 15-20men, someone might not like that idea especially if the party is announced as a orgy! Those 2 women might not want to play with all those men, some of the men might not be comfortable as well. Believe me there are no refunds gentlemen! Then what if the ladies leave? 15-20men, sitting around half-naked and horny, no women, and when are the next ones coming? Will they do the same? Do I want to stick around? I've witnessed and heard talk, at this place and others, not good for business.
It is false advertising. It's not about the cool care free swinger lifestyle, now its all about the $$$! Forget about making folks comfortable, keeping the male-to-female ratio at a even level. Also, just because someone is the host of a party does not mean you are entitled to fuck every woman in the party! This is another problem I've encountered, lol. I fuck whom I please. Attraction is attraction & Game is game. I must be attracted to you, and male/female must have game. Speak up, have something to say. Just looking at and staring me down will get you no where. Hosts, host are supposed to make their guest relaxed and want to play. If its all about the host getting his/hers, then doesn't & has a attitude the rest of the night...IMMATURE & SELFISH! It's no longer about the swinger lifestyle, its about someone's own personal fantasies and fetishes. It becomes personal. I like my swinger lifestyle, its easier than dating and being in a relationship. There's issues in everything we encounter on a daily basis, a person must make a choice in what works for them. I enjoy having sex with multiple partners, I enjoy having sex in front of others, I get off on it, I have my own personal issues and I don't have time 4 anyone else's. Life is to short to worry about the petty things, just keep it real & keep it moving! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! GO KIMA!!!

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