Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just A Taste, Just A Taste!

Steamy Stimulations Presents... is doing quite well! I thank all the new followers & supporters! Sounds like a broken record right? Haha! U know u love it! I was a bad gurl this past weekend, my lover came by, lol. Did anyone listen to my show on Sunday? "Sex among lovers, Sex among friends?" Quite interesting, quite interesting, lol. Sex can make some people do some of the weirdest things! I spoke about having sex  with a close, close friend. In my lifetime I've done it twice, seriously a bad choice on both occasions, for real. I began to realize it was all a game, good game at that. But underneath it all was pure lies! When a person decides to have sex with a friend, their true colors come out, shiiiiiiiit mine to for that matter! But it was a learning lesson, I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Now my lover is just that, my lover. We became good friends & great lovers over time due to mutual respect! Again mutual respect! Folks who are married don't even have that, lol. We both live single lifestyles, he occasionally has a girl or two on the side, lol...that's his business. I've got my friends on the side as well, my business, & we go our separate ways. But when we come together, its fun, laughter, sex, stories and MUTUAL RESPECT! True Playas! True Swingers! No Jealousy, No Envy, No Greed. Two adults who understand and communicate with one another. REAL SHIT! Hard to communicate with someone who constantly lies or gets offended by something that's said. Is this a joke? Is this person for real? I was talking with my homegirl earlier today, she tried the lover thing with this guy but, this dude only calls when he wants to fuck and talks about other females to her! Not good! For me that's what makes a man unattractive! Ladies unless this is something you agreed upon, both of you then ok, no reason to complain. You knew what was up from the get go, but if not then speak up! Or leave him/her alone! Quick easy & simple. Lot's of folks put with shit because they don't stand up for themselves, or become complacent with what's more convenient for them, or think they can do no better. It is sad, truly sad. I know this dude who constantly complains about his girlfriend, mind you he says she's not his girlfriend, lol but continues to be with her. Calls her all kinds of names, she doesn't satisfy him sexually, and blah, blah, blah. WTF!? There are millions of women all over the world, and you stay in a unhealthy relationship? Booty call, one night stand, or whatever the fuck! Seriously? Looks to me like someone doesn't like themselves, has low self-esteem, and likes to be in drama, haha! For real! Arguments are ok, they're healthy but when its constant, fuck that! That's some bullshit! Some folks live off that, that's their high, fucking ridiculous! FUCKIN' RIDICULOUS!

I was on my soapbox 4 a minute, lol...still not done! ;-) But let me bring u back to my bad gurl ways, I'm not done yet...just a taste, just a taste! Ya'll didn't know I can massage with my feet! Yeah baby! had a bit of pre-cum oozing out my lover's big black dick,  couldn't finish tho' hot, wet and heavy soooooooooooo, we began 2 get our fuck on! Like I said, "More 2 Cum" you can best believe that! Haha! Oh, you didn't know? This shit is real! This Sunday 2/26/12 at 7pm pst tune in to "Giving It Up On The First Date" by Steamy Stimulations or call in at (818)369-0315 Phone lines are open, comments and feedback are always welcome! Of course I'll be playing some music to get you in the mood, and boost the topic, WhoopWhoop! Live & Direct from the Bay Area! Last, but not least, I'll be dancing later that night at the Lusty Lady Theatre in San Francisco Take a look at my bio page at the Lusty, see what I like, and my schedule ;-) Muah! Until next time folks, stay tuned...

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