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Friday, February 10, 2012

Loving My Life...

Had a whole weekend to myself! Haaaaaaaaaa, feels so good to lay around & be lazy. ;-) Not one client! Nada! Nothing! Oh I did work, just from my table at home on the computer, lol...working on building a career or dream never stops! That's a 24hour job! I'm such a procrastinator on my blogs, its now the next weekend, dancing at the Lusty Lady, a few massage clients, and maybe a project or two. My wrestling match on 2/2/12 at the El Rio in San Francisco was exhilarating! I had so much fun that I'll be doing it again next month! HAHA! I was so sad when I found out there were no pictures of my match :-( The young lady I wrestled didn't want any pictures taken, found out after the photos were posted...yeah I know "I was robbed", lmao. No problem, on & poppin' for March 1 bigger & better! ;-) I'd like to give a big shot out to "Iron Maiden" & "Diana Dee" we were all virgins at Lube Wrestling, these 2 ladies were part of the Team In Training Leukemia & Lymphoma Society , a organization that helps those with cancer. It felt good to meet others that were active in supporting a worthy cause, and wrestling for Diana Dee was part of her fundraising! Fabulous! It was all in fun I tell you! No one is allowed to take pictures of the event, so I took a few pics while we hung out in the dressing & hallways...We R 2 Cute & Sexy! Thanks ladies I had a wonderful time!

I'm officially going to attend the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this July in San Francisco. Attended the meeting this week, and signed up. It was very emotional for me, and still is due to the recent passing of my aunt who lost her battle with cancer. This walk is going to be a life changing event for me, I can feel it already. Already I've got a few fundraising events planned so I can meet my goal of $1800. I urge all of you to make a donation. I'll be giving more information in a week or so, so stay tuned!!! My Keep-A-Breast campaign will also start in March, my birthday month, lol...going to keep everyone posted on that as well. Making sure I do my part, by lending a helping hand.

Tune in to the show this Sunday at 7pm pst, you can call in at (818)369-0315 or listen in thru FB, RSS Feed, Itunes or  "Happy Valentine's Day" is what I'll be speaking on. The history, its meaning, who celebrates, who doesn't, and some good music. I found some great songs that are considered "Valentine Songs" or "Songs for Lovers" It's going to be a good show, I promise you ;-) Steamy Stimulations now being listened to overseas, and throughout the USA! I'd never would've imagined! I'm truly thankful & blessed. Thanks to all new followers and supporters, SoSexyKima would not exist if someone wasn't listening, watching, or enjoying what I do! I THANK YOU ALL!
"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! YOU GONE LEARN TODAY, YOU GONE LEARN TODAY!" Those are the words from one of my favorite comedians, Kevin Hart. Goodnight, everyone! Stay tuned...

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