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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Merry New Year! :-)...WTF!

2012 is here! Yes! I've been working my ass off, so much I got sick :-( I hate being sick, I really do.
My sinuses kick in when I have a cold, so my nose runs then gets stopped up! Uggggggghhhhhh, let me just say, I'm a miserable bitch! Lots of water, hot tea, and sleep! I sleep for hours, that's that good deep deep sleep, yes, I know u can relate, lol...when the body shuts itself down, nothing else to do but give in! Life is good, glad to be alive, glad to be where I am in my life right now, also looking forward to the future! I didn't dance at all this week :-( I'll be back next Sunday, yeah , a whole week. It's ok BooBoo's ;-) I'll shake my pretty lil' ass for everyone 2 see! Steamy Stimulations Presents returns next Sunday as well! January 15, 2012 7pm pst, one can also call in at (818)369-0315 Brand new time, brand new format! Taking my shit to primetime! Haha! 7pm-9pm! A 2 hour show, with music, great topics, special guest, damn it...overall fun and games! I'm exciting and I'm gonna make it do what it do baby!
Started this blog a few days ago, I hope 2 finish tonite, I tweeted that I have a lot of shit 2 say in my blog...I really fuckin' do! I'M SO FUCKIN' PISSED RIGHT NOW! I'M SO FUCKIN' PISSED RIGHT NOW! THERE'S ALWAYS GOING TO BE SOME PERSON WHO COMES ALONG AND CAN JUST FUCK UP YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE DAY! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!
I do commend myself for keeping my compusure at the time being, did not say one word, I know that go under ther skin  more, I walked away with my head held high, and did not look back. I've got my alone time now, I screamed at the top of my lungs a few times, kicked and punched the air, deep breaths Kima, deep breaths. Shed a couple of tears just in fury, woosawoosawoosa, took my aspirin, and now time to shrug that pile of shit of my back! Sometimes we get put in situations to test our levels of anger & stress, that person may think they won today but in the long haul the lost the battle. I've got so many things in my life right now that I indeed love & enjoy, no one but GOD can take that from me, I truly believe and have realized that today. I only have him to worry about judging me, him alone, all this other stuff are just stepping stones to were I need to be. Well now that I've got that out, WHOOSH, I feel better & can move on! ;-)
Been going over my schedule to see how things will go over the next few months, and they are looking great! The month of May will have a few life changing events for SoSexyKima no doubt :-D I'm so looking forward to it, no regrets, no looking back and no fucking return! When a person isn't happy with something they should let it go. Very easy to say, right? Life decisions should be that easy to make but it does not always happen that way. This one decision has been in the works for almost a year now, it started in 2010 when I graduated from NHI. I decided to take control of my life, do something I liked, go back to school, have a 2nd career, a year later it turned into a 3rd career and in 2012 I've added two more! HEY NOW! WHOOPWHOOP! Major accomplishment for someone who procrastinated for sometime on what I wanted out of life, lol...I've held a job since I was 21yrs old, not many folks can say that, nor can they say they've held one job for 14yrs as well :-) I have passions elsewhere, when your in a situation that's thankless and your mgr/sup have no respect for who you are and what you do...It Is Time To Walk Away. I can't wait until May, that shit is right around the corner! Haha!
SoSexyKimaXxX.comDon't forget my website is cuming soon! Trying my best to make that happen as well, lol. Got some shit under my sleeve that I'll shock the muthafuckin' party with, Oh yes I will! Mark my word! I really had no idea the hours I'd put into making Steamy Stimulations/SoSexyKima a business, a reality, a dream! It can be demanding, I'm beginning to see things come to light, I'm recognizing the potential. "Go hard or go home", ain't that the saying, Haha! :-) Ya'll not knowing, Ya'll really not knowing! Lol, I think I came up on some Golden State Warrior tickets for my birthday! I was boycotting the NBA for that damn strike they were having, I'm over it now...U can call me a hypocrite on the whole thing. Hehe, got to enjoy my life, enjoy the day I was brought into this world, and its a birthday gift to me! Go All Out Kima! I've been updating a few things on the worldwide web 2day, also did some research, good thing I know what I'm doing, sometimes it's best to go at things on your own. Damn, where the hell did the time go! I'm tired ass hell right about now, soon as I get home, going straight to bed, lol...sat up until 4am talking with a friend. Then only a few hours of sleep, then on my daily grind. I need a few extra hours of sleep, most definitely! Going to wrap this up, be back soon, I promise!

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