Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Slowly...Pushing Forward...

One more week to Xmas! Yikes! I haven't bought one thing for anybody! Lol, still have a few more days, then it will be all over. Love the holidays, yes I do, just hate the cold ass weather that comes with it! I'm a black woman, I am always cold! Always! I can bundle up my whole body but one things for doesn't matter. Haha! Does not matter at all! Been bullshitting again on the blog, lol...back from Los Angeles for over a week or so, had a photoshoot last Wedsnesday, my last show for Steamy Stimulations was on Sunday the 18th, Xmas is just two days away. See I started the blog last week, always get sidetracked, I 'm doing so many projects right now! Hard to keep up! LMAO! Making it happen tho'! Making it happen!

My website is in the works, it will be coming at you in full effect for 2012! Yes! Yes! Baby! U will not want to miss out on what I plan to bring to you folks! I promise fun, excitement, sex, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...just some real ass shit! I'm a jack-of-all trades in this industry they call adult entertainment! Trying to make it happen! Can't stop, won't stop, nopenopenope! Lol, What it do boo! Haha! Can I just say, it really does not feel like Xmas! Still no presents for anyone yet, I don't shop anymore, I buy gift cards. If your worthy enough to get one from me, no rush I say ;-)  I haven't had a drink/alcohol in over four months now, no urge at all really. See I'm on a natural high, not many folks can say that, lol, not many. Also been on my health kick lately, I now way under 180 pounds, I feel great! Trying to get back to the size I was in high school, haha, a long time ago! I can do it tho'...DETERMINED! Since I've been dancing at the I get at least a 2 day workout for a few hours or more, baby, I can't complain! I made a choice, it's what I want to do, I want to look good dancing and fucking! That's right, I want you to enjoy watching me fuck and get you off at the same time! I want to fulfill the fantasies you desire, and the only way to do that is to make myself desirable, make you want me, make you go out and fuck someone! ;-) I'm having the best time of my life right now, I'm a happy person but I've never been happier! Beng able to express myself as the sexual being I am is euphoric! Dancing at the Lusty Lady Theater has given me options and more ways to expand my ideas, it will only get better ;-) My bio is now up on the Lusty Lady website now, click the link and it ll take you right to my bio! I've got all kinds of shit posted thru this worldwide internet, lol. I haven't had sex in over a month or so!

ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Yes, becoming a bit irritated! Let me tell you about my trip to Los dick, no pussy, no content exchange. There are a lot of shady, and con artists in this industry, WATCH OUT! Pay attention to your surroundings, and stay true to yourself, best advice I can give, that's it, that's all! I keep it real & keep it moving! Not alot of people are used to that, my blunt honesty can make some folks think twice...Good! Because in the long run it means it asn't supposed to happen in the 1st place! Some folks are all talk, that's their game, that's all they have. That game can work on some, others see right thru it, I see right thru bullshit. Once I see, I'll speak on it, Not going to hold it in, what will that do for me? Nothing, but get me caught up in someone else's lies and drama, no patience or time for that. I call it Negative Energy. Say it with me ladies & gents, Negative Energy. No matter what type of job you have, it will be there as well...ALWAYS! Had a person try to pass himself off as my agent, we never discussed that, just told me about some folks and shoot a few scenes, nothing in depth, lol...he also had no car, nor a job! WTF! What part of the game is this? How can anyone survive like that? Oh, Oh, Oh, I see you got muthafucka's taking care of your lazy ass, haha, I'm koo. Waste of my time. I had two guaranteed males who wanted to shoot content with me, not pornstars, and the cameraman was on some bullshit as well, lol. He throwing out known names, then in the next breath talking about they not working or don't have jobs, huh? WTF does that have to do with me? I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to, LMAO! Hilarious! He was trying to shoot on his time, talked to him weeks in advance about everything, another waste of time. Can't work with people like that, unprofessional. No other way to put it. The trip was not a complete waste tho', I did attend Adultcon, my 1st adult expo ever! Went on Saturday Dec. 10, was there a few hours it was a small venue, heard it has changed over the years, oh well, I got a taste ;-) I was more a looker/observer, went alone, wanted to suck it all up! Did that, lol had my VIP tix, so I got to hang out in the lounge, they were giving massages and had a few stages with ladies dancing for our pleasure ;-D Booths with people selling clothes, toys, novelties, basically anything to do with porn or sex, lol. It was fun socializing, and to see so many people be open about sex! I was in my element! I did pass out my biz card to a few folks as well, I got to sell myself! Right!? ;-) Overall, it was a great experience, learned alot, and enjoyed myself in the process. Some of the actresses there I didn't know nor seen their movies, some I did, & some I scoped out! Sexy!
Let me keep it real, I was on the Asian females, haha, they are my fetish! ;-) Muah! I was the photographer as well, no pics of me :-( I know, I know, next time! I never leave without something for myself and to keep everyone informed :-) I did my show Steamy Stimulations live from the City of Angels, had a good audience for both days, Thank U! Much Luv to all the new followers & supporters of SoSexyKima/Steamy Stimulations! U have no idea how much it means to me ;-) Real Talk!
Steamy Stimualtions will be off the airwaves three weeks for the holidays, beginning Dec. 24, 2011 and returning on Jan. 15, 2012 at 7m pst! A new time and a two hour show! You can always go back and listen to my past shows at if u need to catch up! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! SoSexyKima

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