Sunday, November 27, 2011

Having a Ball, More 2 Cum!

Danced last nite at the Lusty Lady San Francisco, and yes, hehe, I had a ball! Heard stories from some of the ladies, but to witness it myself is fascinating! Absolutely! Made a good decisions applying to dance at the Lusty Lady, working with a group of great ladies, major opportunities to expand myself and career. Last nite I attended Go Deep Lube Oil Wrestling match at the El Rio Bar in San Francisco Damn did I have a ball! ;-) Watching the ladies roll around in lube, and the helpers would just dump more lube on top of them, it was great. They were slipping & sliding all over the place, when their legs kicked up, or hair flipped, lube would hit the ceiling, wall, or fly on patrons! I was close to the "Splash Zone", basically the 1st 3 rows, got lubed a few times, haha! Loved it! I was screaming my ass off, laughing, made new friends, a nite to remember! My 1st time ever at a event like this, invited a old friend 2 join me, when he showed up all he could do was look around in amazement, lol. When the wrestling started his jaw was to the ground! LOL! PRICELESS!!! Wish I had pictures to show, we weren't allowed to take flicks :-( U can go to their website to see what pictures they have, I took a few of the tub of lube, lol, before the wrestling began. I was there to peak my interest and to support a few Lusty Ladies who were wrestling, it was a packed house! After the 1st round of matches there was a intermission, then it was on! Well it was on for about fifteen minutes, then I noticed the people in the front row kept looking down on the ground, LMAO!!! Mistress Kara and Jolene were going at it so good they put a whole in the bottom of the tub!!! Goodness, there was a river of lube making its way to the stage and the back row! Man, that shit was crazy! Had to grab my purse, pick my feet up off the floor, and just watch in amazement! I tell you honey, the things I've witnessed in the past month, is better than reading a book or watching television, Haha! There was no way the fighting could continue, it was slippery & wet all over. Everyone was asked to go out into the courtyard, while the staff cleaned up. I called it a nite a few minutes after, it was already about 1030pm, so just went to get some food & talked with my friend for about an hour. Known my old friend since elementary school, he's seen me grow from a child into a woman & he's still trying to adjust to now seeing me do extreme adult things! Funny how life can go. :-)
Steamy Stimualtions is back on the air for a few weeks, then back off the airwaves for three weeks for Christmas and New Years. Returning on Jan. 15, 2012 at 7pm-9pm, with a new format and new time! I'll now only have one show a week, Sundays only, a mixture of music, guest, sexual topics, insight and fun! I'd like to thank all the new followers/supporters of my radio show and overall those who find SoSexyKima interesting!

Website is cuming soon! Let me tell you, got a sneak peek, hehe, GOING 2 BE THE BOMB!!! Lol, I do like it! ;-) Right now the cuming soon page ;-) is what can be seen for now Going 2 be off the hook baby!!! WhoopWhoop!  Right now at this very moment I'm in Los Angeles about to get dressed for AdultCon! My 1st adult expo/convention, yes patronizing, but looking good! Haha! dressed in all black, tight fitting, and my new sexy jet black wig! Sexy baby! Sexy! I have been bullshitting for two weeks on this blog! Fuck! Going to do what I can in the next few minutes and start anew tomorrow! Stop screwin' around Kima! Stop screwin' around! Make sure you checkout my YouTube Channel as well, don't know the link but the name is Steamy Stimulations. Lol, I know original right, hehe. I will also be attending the AVN Awards next year January 18-21 in Las Vegas! Been a few years for me being in Sin City! I know got alot of catching up to do when I get there! Ok, now its time 4 me to get go, AdultCon is until 9pm tonight and I'm going out later of course ;-) Welcum To Kima's Playland Baby! Step right up! Step right up! C ya later...:-)

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