Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time 4 the Holidays...

It's that time of the year folks, when you spend time with your family, have a great meal, reminisce over old times, the years to come, watch the kids grow and others get older. :-) A happy time, just around the corner is Christmas and a New Year! 2012! Damn, 2012, fuck what can I say...I'm truly grateful to GOD that I'm alive, healthy, have a roof over my head, a few jobs, lol...SHIT! Life is good, thankful & grateful truly! I go to bed at night, with a smile on my face, because I have faith. Faith, believing in something, in Him. Do you? I know folks are like, she talks about sex, does sex for others to see, now dancing nude, what can she believe in? How can she speak on God? She's a hypocrite! Ha! Mere mortals those who speak or judge me, "You don't know me, you only think you do." Speak on it Kima! Speak on it!
 I began this blog on Sunday, now its Wednesday, do you have any idea what can happen in a few days? A lot! Haha! Muthafucka's are trying to stop Kima's Shine! Well, well, well... we'll see how far some of you get. Hehehe! See the cute little picture on the side? Yeah that's my new hustle,
dancing at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco!!! Stop by when in town, and cum c SoSexyKima shake her pretty lil' ass and tits for your pleasure!!! Cum watch all the Lusties in their glory, all beautiful women waiting to fulfill your desires and fantasies!!! Muah! I'm just having a ball!!! ;-) I'll be dancing this Saturday at the Lusty Lady! Try to stop by, and ask for a V.I.P. dance from yours truly! I promise you honey, you will not be disappointed! The Lusty Lady will also be having a party on Dec. 15, at the Make Out Room in San Francisco, go to the website for more information. I've been working on this blog since Sunday, its Thanksgiving Day! LMAO! Talk about sidetracked, yes I've got some things to work on.

Oh yeah, when you get a chance checkout a few scenes of me on! my 1st scene in porn with Pornstar Deep Threat! Hot! Sexy! Nasty! Hardcore Fucking! So far folks love it! Makes them horny and want to fuck! Hope u like it too! ;-) Just reaching out my followers/supporters, been busy but, hey making the time, making the time. More to cum over the weekend, Happy Thanksgiving! Kima

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