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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeping Busy ;-)

Finally! Finally my ass takes the time to blog! I set my calendar to remind me but something always distracts me, can't help it, lol. I know, I know bad gurl! I need to be spanked real hard right now, ;-) LMAO! Yeah, boy! I went in this week to The Lusty Lady, San Francisco's only unionized strip club, auditioned...GOT THE JOB!!! SoSexyKima will be dancing butt naked at The Lusty Lady!!! Good 4 me, Great 4 the men & women cuming in ;-) I'm so excited! Start in a week but on call 4 now, so keep u posted! When I got the call 4 the audition I was like, "For Real?" Lol, never in a million years did I really expect a call back, why? Shit I don't know, just assuming 2 much I know, HAHA! Ms. Babydoll told me to bring some heels to dance in, jewelry or whatever I need to look cute between 3-7pm & be ready to dance in the nude! WOWZERS! YEAH BABY!!!!! Kima gets to dance sexy nasty in front of a mirror with a pole, several other females, window shades slide up/down and...PEOPLE CAN SEE ME!!!! Now ain't that some shit! HAHA! FUCKING FABULOUS! So I do exactly that show up a bit early, this is the red light district in S.F. we're talking about ok, folks out walking around all day down on Broadway! All damn day, lol. Love my hometown, crazy as it is, gotta love it! Parking is a bitch in the city! Always has been, just got worse. So, I meet a few other ladies as I walk in, told to get ready then go on stage after the next girl comes off. I change, told the 1st rule of the dressing room, Between us ladies ;-) Whoop, Whoop, now its my turn, I'm nervous, nervous, but excited happy at the same time. Lol, can I just came with ease. Floating just a tad bit, no boundaries, all in the clouds I tell you. Living and loving my life, enjoying who I am, to be carefree & open-minded is refreshing. I want others 2 enjoy what I do as well ;-) I had fun and about 5-6mins later, I was called off stage, spoke with the Madams and  they offered a position to me!!!!!! YIPPEE! HOORAY! I also had no idea the Lusty Lady had a union! That's some amazing shit! Really I did not know, told you I wasn't even thinking about being called! Shit! Damn! WTF! 2day is my lucky day! It's official now, there is no turning back...DON'T WANT TO! So, stay tuned, keep u posted on when I'm dancing;-) Muah!
I took those pole classes to get some exercise, get my body fit you know, they came in handy, lmao. Going to continue those too, might as well right, "Practice makes perfect" BOOM! POW! POW! BAM! Yes honey you must cum out to see me dance! Sexy, Alluring, Sensual, Flirty, Lusty Lady I Am! Going to make you feel good all over ;-) Smokin'!SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Hot like fire!
Steamy Stimulations will be off the airwaves Nov. 20, 26 & 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Gobble, Gobble! Let's all enjoy this time with our families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!

I was a bad gurl last week, got my fuck on! No pictures or videos :-( I know, I know, I promise u booboo more 2 cum, more 2 cum ;-) Patience is a virtue, I can vouch 4 patience, whoosh! I've learned so much, and it is hardly over sweetcakes! Nowhere near over! Back to my sucking & fucking, I do enjoy sucking dick. It turns me on, gets my pussy so wet, I licked, spit on, slobbed up & down, kept gagging & choking my own self with his big dick! He couldn't do nothing but stare in amazement, grunt & moan, lol. Loved it! Hehe, I'm a nasty bitch, I know..oh well, so after my entire face was wet from me slapping the dick across my forehead, nose, & cheeks, he ate my sweet pussy and licked my ass, he fucked the shit out of me! Long, hard and deep, pussy wet right now, shiiiiit, that was some good shit ;-) Nasty, big dick, lol, SoSexyKima booboo, haha! Working on my projects, focused on whats 2 cum next, buckle your seat belts folks...It's on! Keep it real, keep it moving! Damn, time has really flown by, I need some sleep folks, can't function without it, for real. Ok, ok Kima, u must blog more, u must blog more! I must, I must! Nite all, sweet dreams! Muah! Kima, to be continued...

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