Sunday, October 30, 2011

Always On The Go!

Damn it Gina!!! Busy as hell these days, I gotta be honest...I Fucking Love It! Especially when I like doing the things that I do! Happy go lucky for real, yesyesyes, Kima loves it! Just got in from my grind, hustle, job, shiiiiiiiiit, haha I can cum up with all types of names for work, lol. First off, I'd like to say Thank You, Hugs, Love & Kisses to all my new followers/listeners/supporters! SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines is becoming known and Steamy Stimulations(radio show) is growing everyday as well! ;-) I thank all of you! U can listen to the show thru your phone, by calling (818)369-0315 shows are on Saturday 11am pst, by the way tune in to the show this morning, "SoSexyKima's Tribute to R&B Females" always good music ;-) and Sundays 830pm pst. This Sunday's  show "Butts: All About The Gluteus Maximus" My shows are based on Pure Adult Entertainment, I'm a new aspiring adult actress, who's trying to make a name for myself and have fun along the way. So when you listen to the show, I'll be giving personal insight, telling a story about my adventures, have special guest here & there, lol, just expect the unexpected.  You can also follow my timeline on Crazy, fun, the internet is something else, anyone can have there entire life on display! My shit is all over the place, I've got so many accounts for social networking its just insane! I plan on all of that changing soon...I hope :-)

WEBSITE CUMING SOON! U r going 2 love my world, SoSexyKima's World! Haha! Yeah baby! I got plans for my site booboo, and I want u all 2 be a part of it! Give me some suggestions, tell me what u would like to c! Seriously, I need input from my followers, I want 2 know your sexual desires, whats u favor, what makes u get off! I know what to do, huh, but I'm always willing 2 learn something new everyday! U can leave your comments on my blogs or my email or Can't say u don't know how 2 contact me, there it is! I was dead beat tired yesterday, was supposed 2 be at a orgy last night, passed out in a dope fiend coma! Woke up at 115am in the morning, last time I remember it was 830pm was watching college football...LIGHTS OUT!!! Fuck, I was tired & it was some much needed sleep. I can fuck anytime! Orgies will be here until the end of time ;-) When your body shuts down, get some rest! I don't need any ailments or be too sick or stressed out to work, or do whatever the hell I want 2 do! Life is too short 2 worry about the little things!!!! U c me hanging on 2 the pole?
Yep that's me! Love my pole classes, a workout, my thighs r so much stronger, legs in general shit!
I feel so euphoric when I leave class, a great feeling I tell u ;-) Going 2 continue of course, also thinking about taking a belly dancing class, the class is 2hrs! My hairdresser said the class was hard but worth it. Works your abs, core, and hips, yes, I want it all toned up! HA! Here's a picture of my pretty pink pussy, took some pics last week with a friend, all my sweetness in your face! My website will have way more pussy pics 4 u, also my massage & bartending pricing. I've had so many people ask about both, everything will be laid out 4 u, lad the fuck out...Get it! LOL, do u think I'm a nasty gurl? I know u haven't seen much yet, IT'S CUMING! If u want 2 get a dosage pick up the videos, better yet DVD GIVEAWAY ON 2NITE'S SHOW! They r both available and u get 2 choose! Now! Make sure u go 2 To c me sucking some dick, on the Dvd's I 'm sucking, fucking and having fun! U ain't seen shit yet! Go hard or take your ass home, Fuck that I'm not going home! ;-) BOOM!!!
Massage is my bliss! have a few clients later 2day, must get myself ready! I started this blog yesterday, finishing it 2day, yes, I get side tracked every now & then. Keep it real & keep it moving! I now have a alarm telling me when 2 blog! My folks got on my case, "Why u not blogging?" Damn, I putting my all into this, lol, hella time, I want this to happen! Why r u asking me hella questions? Why? Why? Why? Nah, I just really said the damn part, lmao, I'm trying! I'm on it! ;-) If u do c these videos make sure u send your comments to It goes a long way! Back in a few days folks, One Luv!  

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