Friday, October 7, 2011

Hustle Never Stops!

Laughing my ass off right now, my folks is trying his best 2 have sum dick control! Using Skype sending pics & videos, of  course with me in them fucking & sucking, lol, I'm such a tease ;-) He's also my biggest fan/supporter, gotta keep the fans happy :-) There would be no SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines around if someone didn't like what I do! Real Talk! Definitely working hard at getting more exposure, living in the Bay Area makes it a bit harder but I can manage. I would like to really set things off in the Bay Area but I'm seeing folks up here talk a good game about being liberal and diverse, ha!...Talk is cheap! They really don't want to do much, alot of people don't want change, they want others to change around them, but they stay the same, lol. Selfish! Life is too short to worry about the little things. Damn skippy!
It's Fleet Week here in the Bay Area, so all the sailors & military men/women are in town to party, watch the air show & a bit of family time. The Blue Angels have been practicing , breaking the sound barriers, I got a good picture of Fat Albert, the airbus that can do some of the most outrageous twists & turns! Man he is a beauty! No matter how old I get I love it when they come to town ;-)
I was supposed to be giving a massage to a regular client on Saturday, but she is going to go catch herself a sailor or two, lol...U GO GURL! I'd like to thank all the new followers/listeners/supporters of Steamy Stimulations and SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines!!! My audiences for the show grows everyday and SoSexyKima's name is ringing a bit in the adult /porn industry. Yippee! Hooray! Not like that, I'm no household name...YET!!! LMAO! I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want it 2 go the route, and baby, I'm no liar!!! I keeps it 100% I keep it real & keep it moving! I THANK U ALL 4 THE LUV! I PROMISE U, MORE 2 CUM! Celebrated my 6 month anniversary with Steamy Stimulations on Oct. 3! Started with a co-host, didn't work out, been on my own ever since, and let me say it was all for the best!!! No regrets, no turning back! I've enjoyed every minute of this journey, the good & the bad!
I'm having a ball with my life right now! Damn, it feels good to just let go, to be that sexual being I've always wanted to be. No more worrying about what someone else thinks, really that's what held me back. I'm human, so its ok. Everything happens for a reason, and when the time is right, that knock at the door puts it all into perspective ;-) Make sure you tune in to the shows this weekend my special guest Saturday morning at 11am is upcoming Jazz Singer Reggie Wright, also my friend :-) Talking with him about his new album, his plans, and who he is as a person, damn that sounds so enticing, doesn't it? Also on Sunday all be discussing "Healing and Sensual Massages" Massage is my niche, so I get to go into detail and have fun. Don't forget I'm giving away a dvd with my 1st scene in porn! "Blane Bryant's BBBW"S Vol.33 released on, have a few friends & admirers who love my scene! I'm such a nasty bitch! That wasn't even half of what I can do! Yes! More than that! ;-) One of my male friends called me a "Natural Pornstar" This fool is addicted to porn so that's a major compliment to me, lmao! Literally, he watches porn everyday, my scene is at the top of his list! Flattered! Extremely! I love to fuck! Do I fuck on a regular? Hell No! Really, I can't even give my pussy away! Hahaha, 4 real! I like to have fun when I have sex, talk dirty, get a bit aggressive, just release & relax! I love sucking dick! Oh yeah, I have a scene on now, hope that's the right link, lol. I was a nasty gurl last weekend, got 2 fuck & suck, release sum tension and be playful.
He came all over my ass and back! Dripped a bit down my asshole, lol. Its all good baby! Let me show u how Kima gets down! So we messed around with the camera & video recorder, man that shit was so fucking easy! I'm on it! Coming at you bigger & better next time. If anyone out there is a videographer and you want to work with SoSexyKima just hit me up! I'm in the Bay Area, East Bay. Be open-minded, have some great ideas and be professional. I cannot stress that enough! Be professional! Photographers & Videographers! Kima is looking to do business with you! I help those, who are willing to help me & help themselves! I'm one of the coolest chicks out there! Trying to make it happen & make a name for myself. Give me a holla at, I'm also on FB, Twitter, Myspace, shit u can google SoSexyKima & something will pop up! My ad on, for Cali/East Bay is still up and will be for awhile, adult actors/actresses wanted to do a scene/photos with me! It's for exposure only! Everyone must be tested! U put that word out there, u get huffs & puffs or I'll do that & call u. LMAO! Of course u never hear from them again, that is how u weed out the non serious! Testing is important! How u call yourself trying to do porn & not take the necessary precautions? Shit u need 2 live like that in your personal life as well! Men & Women!  My safety is #1!!!!! What's important to u? I'm a stone cold freak! Doesn't mean I fuck everybody, it means I play it safe and I still have fun in the process!!! Welcum to Kima's World!

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