Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Chillin' Out ;-)

Been on cloud nine ever since I got my massage on Wedsnesday, massage is detrimental to everyone's health!!! Some people have never ever received a massage! Unbelievable right? Shit fuckin' happens! So damn true, sad I know, that comes form not knowing a thing about it, not taking the time to pamper yourself, or some folks just do not want to be touched that way...AT ALL!!! Worked on a client last week who didn't like to be touched, funny cuz she was a stay at home mom, lol...she liked to be touched alright! Just under her own terms, lmao! U r missing out honey! Did u know actor Bob Hope lived to be 100yrs old, and received a massage everyday until his death!? Amazing! Massage promotes your immune system to fight against diseases & infections, flushes toxins out of the body, helps blood flow thru the body, adds 7-8 hours to your sleeping habits, damn I can go on & on!!! "MagicHands" is what I've been called/told, the ultimate compliment! Massage is my bliss! My 2nd bliss! Ha! U do well at what u do best & what u enjoy! I enjoy making others feel good, with my massages, I like how I can feel all the tension, knots, built up scar tissue, and when I'm done working on them...MAJOR DIFFERENCE!!! They feel like rubber, relaxed, refreshed and more energetic. Again massage is my bliss, my niche...I didn't go to school to not be the best at what I do! I go hard at everything I do! Going hard at fucking is a great stress reliever also! That's my porn profile, adding to it as much as possible these days. Not easy, lots of roadblocks, but I will not falter! Oh, no I won't!!!!!! My name is SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines & I'm a new adult actress, who's trying to make a name for herself, is there anything wrong with that? Hell no!!! Just another career to add to my list, damn it! I want more, I want it all, I deserve it! Hard work pays off to those who go the extra mile, who put forth more than an effort! I have desire, will, determination, and I know myself! My worth, what I'm capable of, lol...NASTY!!!! Getting ready for my shows this weekend playing my sum of my favortite 80's jams, my last 80's show was a hit!!! Folks were sending in requests, asking when the next one will's here!!! My audience has tripled the past few weeks, GoldStar 4 Kima ;-) Make sure u tune in 4 Sundays show, 830pm pst "Kima Chit Chats w/BigRedBooty!' A new BBBW out of Chicago, we also did our 1st g/g scene together! Watch out there now! Here her stories, get to know her, shit, all up in it!! Call in at (818)369-0315 to listen in, also DVD GIVEAWAY!!!

DVD GIVEAWAY! Get the dvd with my 1st scene in porn, REAL FUCKIN'!!! HARDCORE FUCKIN'!!! Trivia question is: What is my favorite sex position? Must call in to win! I love sex, no time to fake it booboo! Dick deep in my pussy! HAHAHA! Time 4 Kima 2 Shine

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