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Friday, October 14, 2011

More 2 Cum!!!

I told u I am trying 2 make a name 4 myself! Go hard! Go hard! Got 2 remember to do my blogs too! Just get so caught up at times,  my pc slowed down the other day, been a bit nervous to get back on but what the fuck else can I do? Nada! Get on it & do what I got 2 do! Lol, so here is a picture of the DVD that has my g/g scene in it, came out last week, sort of just came upon it while looking for sum info. I must say, I had fun that day ;-) Was I really working? I think we all asked ourselves that day, released on, Lesbian BBBW Vol. 15 is the title, u can purchase from the site or other adult video websites. I'm still doing DVD giveaways on my show for the 1st DVD, the same goes for this DVD cum next week! Had a friend ask me why no one has called in 2 win a dvd, I HAVE NO CLUE!
Can't worry about the little things, hey, its here if anyone decides that want one! LMAO! Folks r listening to the show, I so very happy about that, the #'s do not lie! That's 4sho! Profile views and listens have jumped in the past month or so, I have no complaints, continue to listen, tell a friend, tell somebody, haha, all gravy baby!!!! MOTIVATION! HELLO 2 THE HATERS! U KNOW WHO U R! I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH! I know, I know, why give a shotout? Cuz, I must be doing things right for sum folks to react or say the things they do about me! Damn! R u really that insecure? Self esteem that low? U feel threatened? 4 what? I'm a new booty in this adult industry, I am learning as I go, I am no better than anyone else, I'm just SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines. A woman from the Bay Area who enjoys sex, and just wants to have fun and make a name for myself during the process!!! Not a damn thang wrong with that! I'm busty, thick, sexy, cute, nasty, a bonafide freak, willing 2 try anything once, determined & hungry, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! All in fun booboo, all in fun! Patience is a virtue, my time 2 shine will cum ;-) My followers/supporters/listeners will c 2 it & make it happen, I THANK U ALL!!! SoSexyKima is not just about me, I want to give folks a new taste 4 hot hardcore sex!!!! I want folks 2 enjoy my movies! I want folks 2 watch my movies and they want to have sex! HARDCORE FUCKING! REAL SEX! HAHA! I'm not faking shiznit! So far those who have seen my 1st scene in porn, luv it! I keep being told how good it looks, damn that's real sex, u sound & look great, how many times did he slap your ass? Did u 2 know each other? Hell naw, we both just wanted 2 fuck & have fun! I got paid 4 a one nite stand! LMFAO!!! Yes! Real shit, real talk! Time has flown by, sittin' on my ass making my $$$, damn I'm gonna have 2 cut it short 4 now & continue this over the weekend...Stay tuned!

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