Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cuming 2gether!

My goodness had a very eventful week, told u folks 2 be continued ;-) I haven't had sex in 2 weeks, haha...Oh well, I'll tell u a story one day about being celibate for over 2years!!! Talk about pussy control! Like I said another time, honey, no sex, no alcohol in over a month, trying  cut back on candy(so hard 2 do) and eating healthier...mmmmmmmm=MOTIVATION! I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day, I've lost about ten pounds since I did my 1st scene, HOORAY 4 ME! Just want 2 tone up and look good while I'm naked fucking somebody! Nothing wrong with that, lol...nothing at all!
It was all about education and following a dream this past week, I started my 1st pole dancing class! Been wanting 2 do it for sometime, always put off, too damn busy, nervous, just excuses, excuses! I found this cut pic on the web, I hope 2 take some pictures during class so I can show what I'm capable of, lol...I look ok. What I like most is being damn near half naked during class, lol, so comfy, the instructor is a cute, little sensual woman, who loves her job! Her body is tone, she moves gracefully, thorough, encouraging, shit I had a great time! I've always been a sensual, sexy, woman but I must say this class makes me feel euphoric! A extremely hot tomcat! I've been called that many times in the bedroom, now I can include a bit more...WATCH OUT THERE NOW!!! I love to dance, just in general, ok, never ever took any type of dance class, heard of the phrase "It comes naturally" I'm one of those, put some official training behind that, heyheyhey...That's exactly what my instructor said! For my 1st class no doubt! I did better than the girl that was in college, Yes honey! U r only as old as u feel! I feel great! I look great! I am truly blessed! Great exercise! My body felt elongated, and stretched out, not 2 mention I felt sexier than ever ;-) Look 4ward to this week, we learn twist & turns, I want to be able to climb all the way 2 the top & slide down with my thighs in total fucking control!!! Sexy! Alluring! Teasing! Sensual! Gonna make it happen, make it happen! Love my life and having a ball! Yes I AM!!
Don't 4get my radio show is on 2nite! "WTF!!! Craziest Sex Moments!!!" LMFAO!!! Hilarious! I promise U! HaHaHa! WoWzers!!  DVD GIVEAWAY! (818)369-0315 U must call in 2 win a free dvd with my 1st scene in porn! Trivia question is: What is my favorite sex position? DOGGYSTYLE! Either I have 2 educate u folks, or u just don't want a free dvd, lol, no problem! Going 2 start selling them in a minute ;-) So that's "Blane Bryant's BBBW'S Vol. 33" can be yours 2 enjoy, show starts at 830pm pst 2nite, Live from the Bay Area, Steamy Stimulations by SoSexyKima! Show some love & support! Steamy Stimulations is all about Pure Adult Entertainment! Celebrated six months on the air a few weeks ago, feels damn good, feels good ;-)
Ok, so if u don't know I'm a massage therapist and I took a class this past week for continuing education, I fucking love what I do! I have a passion for massage! Been missing the books, the extra practice, going to make more time 4 it, is all I'm saying ;-) The meeting & experience of meeting others that do what I do, good feelings, love yourself, love what u do! Hope folks understand that! So that'sa picture of me a few months ago, going 2 do a b4 & after for the next blog or 2, let me know what u think :-) Where r my cute white boys at? My latino men? Men of all races? I'm a rainbow girl, where r the cute sexy asian women? My favorite! Yummy ;-)  Yes sir, yes sir! Let me wrap this up, hope 2 get sum dick & pussy this weekend, keep u posted...Tune in, u know, Muah        

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