Friday, June 14, 2013

Massages, Essential To Healthy Living...

I do enjoy giving massages! I've been a licensed massage therapist for 3 years and each massage has been different. I wake up every day thankful to be alive and satisfied in my career! Lmao, all my careers really...hehe...anyway, I love what I do! Massages are essential to the body and overall well being, every person should have one. If you haven't...then give it a try! I do understand there are lots of folks who don't like to be touched or better yet take their clothes is perfectly alright. That is their choice, but I must say, "You are missing out!"

Had a client today who never had a massage before and her entire body was hard as a rock. Sits at a desk all day, does not exercise, does not drink enough water or eats vegetables. Whoa! It amazes me when clients tell me this and they can't figure out why there back hurts, shoulders are tight or legs are sore and feels like cottage cheese. No water and no vegetables means your toxic! Anybody who lives like this is toxic! All the food, drinks, drugs, or whatever a person puts into their body has nowhere to go! It is not flushing out of the body, you think it is but it's not! Constipation may begin, muscles will tighten and become tense, energy levels drop, and circulation within the body decreases. 8-10 glasses of water is needed daily to flush out toxins and bacteria from the body, that equals up to 6, 16oz. bottles of water. Everyday! It is a discipline, but you know just might save your life.

Lots of people come in and want a instant fix from their massage, sometimes it can happen, if they are living a healthy lifestyle. If their lifestyle is unhealthy and don't take the suggestions their massage therapist gives them...then they will always have some issues. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, "Have you been drinking your water?", "You been stretching your body for 15-20 minutes?", "Are you doing your chair exercises?" But, I love what I do, and no matter what my clients always feel better and they love it as well too! I can only give suggestions, it is up to them to follow through or not. 
One of my regular clients, lifts weights a lot...solid guy, mass and thick. Body cement! What the hell?! Hamstrings tight. Trapezius tight. Pectoralis major & minor tight. He's going to the gym, lifting weights and does not drink water. Sweating, and does not drink water. He's dehydrated within the body and his skin is too. If you touch someone and their skin feels like "snakeskin", they are dehydrated. So, this is a example of a man who wants to look "buff", he looks the part 4sho, but the look is, his entire body is a wreck! He is hurting and sore all over, but has not taken heed to not one of my suggestions. 

Water is essential to healthy living. Vegetables and fruit are essential to healthy living. Proper diet and exercise...ESSENTIAL TO HEALTHY LIVING!

Massage is overall beneficial to the body and well being. It increases circulation in the body, sloughs of dead skin, helps relieve stress and tension, improves range of motion(movement), and feels so damn good! Just on my "soapbox" for a minute, I have a passion for giving massages, it is my "niche"...

One day take the time to pamper yourself and get a massage, there are so many benefits...anyone remember the actor Bob Hope...he received a massage everyday until he passed away at the age of 100 years old!!!

Now, what does that tell you...

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