Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Do's and Don'ts Of Content Exchange...

First things first, I've spoken on content exchange before... damn shame how I must reiterate myself again on this subject. I'm beginning to see that either some folks just don't know, and I mean just really don't have a clue or know and just don't give a fuck or that some need explaining too or you just got to fucking teach them.

Content exchange is an agreement between models/talent/individuals who work with each other, without pay to produce a scene, or film. 18 U.S.C. 2257 and Model Release Forms are signed in the agreement both or all individuals are entitled to the content(photos or scenes) and can place the content wherever he or she chooses in order to make a profit. This is content exchange, each individual who has signed the agreement is entitled to the content.

Paid gigs, or a paid shoot is totally different. When a male or female talent shoots for a company, is paid and signs a contract with the company, they have basically given up their rights to the content. The company or producer can do as they please with the content. The talent does not get paid and receives the content. It does not work that way.

If a male or female talent decides to purchase the content via a DVD or online they still are obligated to follow the rules or legal aspect of the contract that was signed with the company. If a male or female talent purchases the content and then adds the content to a DVD or their own personal website to get monetary gain... that is against the law. It is called copyright infringement. It is punishable by law. One can be fined up to $250,000 and prosecuted. My advice to everyone, take the time to read the contract before you sign it! That's in any situation.

At this time, Steamy Stimulations Presents...® is dealing with a issue involving copyright infringement. It does not matter what race or gender you are, this is business. Business. Win or lose, I will see this to the end. 

This individual shot and was paid for their scene. Gone our separate ways, because I do not have time for drama. I began to see that the individual was out only for themselves, had a extreme attitude problem, wanted everyone to cater to them and needed to be the center of attention. This individual purchased their scenes from my website, and added it to a compilation dvd that they are selling or plan to sell. How do I know this? They are promoting it all over the internet! Not being discreet at all, not giving a fuck. Then hacked into my personal DropBox account searching for their photos and footage! That is now considered "terrorism"! Again, I have proof, provided by Dropbox. A serious act of desperation, someone who wants to be in the "limelight" so damn bad... that they will lie and steal to get what they want. "Every dog has its day" and "Karma" is a bitch! Evidence everywhere, lol...WOW! Helps my case right? Exactly.

 After I decided that "all money ain't good money" and removed their scenes from my studio, the individual contacted a few folks saying "Don't work for Kima, she talked about me after shooting for her and didn't give me my content". Really? Seriously? LMMFAO! Yeah, ok...whatever. This female was graciously paid $1000 for her anal scene. Why? Because I feel every female including myself, IS WORTH THAT AMOUNT! Especially anal! I will pay any female that shoots a anal scene for Steamy Stimulations Presents...® that amount. My company is a small business, but I am a woman and I know damn sure what women are worth! SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines takes care of and has much respect for talent. You can ask any of my male/female talent if that has happened, and they will say "Hell No!" So untrue! A big fat lie. Notice how when a person does not get what they want, or when no one pays attention to them...they act out. Tell lies, turn to violence, tries to make others look bad, always bitching and whining about what they don't have or that nobody is helping them. Not my problem. Not my problem.

I have a nice piece of content that the individual I'm dealing with does not want anyone to see...why? Because it tells the truth on who they really are...a liar. Don't speak on what you do, when the camera says otherwise. Don't think for a second that the person you worked with doesn't know whats going on... they know.  I was advised by them to take legal action and supports me on my decision. You asked awhile back what that person said or thought about you...your an afterthought and I can quote them saying... "Will never work with you again." I learn everyday about myself, the adult industry and those associated with it... it is not for everyone. It is not all that it appears to be. Takes patience, determination,  sacrifices, and a strong, I mean strong minded person to put up with or go through the nonsense that comes with it.

Content exchange, lol... not everyone does it, but if you do, make sure you read the fine print of the contract. Also, be mindful of who you do content exchange with, not everyone is worthy to work with you. Seriously, ask yourself if I shoot with this person is it going to benefit them more or yourself? Will it uplift me or bring me down? Mmmmmmmmmm....

Paid gigs or shoot, you don't have much control over who you may work with, but be professional and make the best of it. Again, read the contract your signing. Know your rights, and know what rights your signing away too! I don't gossip about folks... I state facts. My close male friend is always in stitches when I tell him a story about talent, my company or the adult industry itself. It amazes him, lol... and now I... just shake my head. I'm not interested in popularity, not concerned with numbers, and I could care less about who works with who. I'm concerned about fulfilling a dream and goal. Does not matter if I succeed or fail, what matters is producing a quality product, and providing a fantasy.

Always business, never personal.

Steamy Stimulations Presents...®

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