Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Slander: Noun
The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

If the statement is is not slander. I feel if a person has their business out in the street for everyone to know, and folks are talking about them...then its a #Fact Don't claim "slander"when the word gets out on how you do business or whatever it is you do that rubs folks the wrong way. If you really didn't want anyone to know then maybe you shouldn't have fucked them over! Then no one would know anything about you. Does that make sense? Comprehend?

People call me a bitch all the time, ok...what else is new? Kima is mean, she has an attitude...everyone's entitled to their opinion. I live in the United States of America, where its supposed to be "the freedom of speech" to speak freely. But now, that shit is a fucking joke. So, when Joey tells me, Sarah called me a bitch...oh so I need to claim "slander"? I could care less, I don't need to know why Sarah feels that way, I don't need to confront her and straighten shit out, I don't care if she does go tell Peter, Paul, Mary, John, or fucking Bill about me. So be it. Not everyone is going to like or want to work with SoSexyKima or Steamy Stimulations Presents... #Fact

So, here's a story about some talent, male or female who claim its "slander" when they seek to work with someone and that person says "no" I'm not interested. Lmao. They assume someone told that person something about them. Not always true. They want to know why that person does not want to work with them, who told them, etc, etc, etc. Obviously, this person does not accept rejection we'll, or the word "no". Hint. Hint. Take heed, just because you shot /fucked on camera with "so in so" or worked with "such an such" does not mean, everyone or someone "in particular" YOU want to work with, wants to shoot/work with you. #Fact Or, how about that male or female talent who just thinks their dick or pussy is just "bomb", "fire", "the shit", etc, etc, etc. No one can resist, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Please, stop it. Go sit down because your trying to hard, not everyone is going to agree on that, and one should not take offense to it.

Reality Check! Life is all about choices. Life is about choices. In this business, especially now with the internet taking over, not much work being offered to everyone, it is most definitely about choices. Right along with safety! Choices, safety they do go hand in hand with sex between consensual mature adults. We live in a world were the "Seven Deadly Sins" are amongst, around, and within each and every individual everyday on this earth. A lot of people in this world really do not like or love themselves, it is not about being conceited or "stuck up", it's about knowing who you are as a person. Admitting your faults, desires, will, not to others...but to yourself. One with yourself. Know who you are and why you do or say the things you do. Not blame or point the finger at another, you see and know who you are and take responsiblity, for your own actions, not live in denial. I notice the word "slander" comes up too damn much in the adult industry! How the fuck can you cry muthafuckin' wolf with the word "slander" when your on camera for the entire world to see you butt ass naked fucking and sucking or whatever kinky fetish shit you do?! So, what your saying is that your NOW worried about your reputation? Seriously? What a fucking joke. Why? What the fuck?! Can't have it both ways, not going to happen. Can I just know the name of this "fantasy" world some people live in? Hilarious, lol...I do not gossip, I state facts. So stay tuned until next time, I promise you...It will be an adventure.

Muah!!!!! SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines

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