Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just being me...

This journey has been a eye opener, I realized there are alot of people in the world who think its ok to accept bad treatment from someone. It boggles my mind! I'd be a fool to continue down that road, if I don't like something I 'm going to speak up. Its not about hating on someone else, its about what I will allow, its also about my feelings. I've had folks not respond back on certain situations, left me hangin' on others, lied, or just tried to take my kindness for a weakness. After that happens I move on, no I don't want to be bothered with you, nothing to talk about, hey live & learn, life goes on. I learn from my mistakes, I don't want to repeat them, is that wrong? No there's nothing wrong with me, no I'm not crazy, I'm crazy because I speak the truth? Lol, I know truth hurts, I know this! That's why I don't do stupid shit, the only thing folks can truly say about me is "Kima does not play" I don't have time for childrens games, one of the main reasons I don't have any. Still not sure if I want any, that doesn't make me any less of a woman either. Had a friend tell me I was selfish not wanting any kids, I told her, I was being responsible! Shit I'm at a point in my life where I want to travel, party, meet new people, can't have kids doing that! I don't even want to feed myself at times, let alone get up in the middle of the night feeding someone else! Hell No! Not right now!
Had a woman call into my show last week, saying "The show would be better if I didn't have so much hate" Everyone is entitled to their opinion, asked her a few times to explain, she kept repeating herself. I asked my viewers what they thought, no one agreed with her. Folks like my show, like my stories, hey I haven't called anyone out by name. I tell my stories so others can learn from them, if that person I'm talking about happens to be listening, I hope they take heed. You cannot get mad at others, when you've created a issue or situation. I have a feeling this woman knew someone that knew me. Again, its ok. I understand, not everyone is going to agree with me, not everyone is going to like my show, is that supposed to stop me? No! It's called constructive criticism. Not everyone can handle that, some folks take offense and lash out, become argumentative, try to lay a guilty conscience on others because they cannot admit to their own issues. The world has changed so much. Its not safe. You cannot trust everyone. Not everyone has good intentions or your best interest. That's reality! I am who I am, no I will not change...Funny how folks want you to change for them but what are you going to do about yourself? Nothing...WELL NEITHER WILL I! If you don't like what I say or do, don't talk to me, don't listen to my show...YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE! JUST LIKE I DO!

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