Thursday, September 8, 2011

It all happens for a reason!

What can I say, everything happens for a fucking reason! Lmao, truly indeed. I'm in a melancholy mood right now, u can say something & it would bounce off right now, lol. Really, took a look at the big picture of life today, and I'm still smiling! What happened to people and their communication skills? Is it technology? Is it television? Damn, respect and common sense just exist in a percentage out of 100, what 15? Fuck, lots of people live in their own imaginary world, they only see one way...what they want to see. Good luck with that, seriously. Heard from a old friend today, we haven't spoken in two years, why, I got tired of her bullshit. Temper tantrums, yelling, screaming, mad if someone didn't agree with her, just a spoiled brat. Fed up, didn't need the headache anymore. Text's me after all this time asking me if I was still mad at her? LOL, I'm not mad, just choose not to deal with you or your bullshit is what I told her, so now it's we've been friends too long, there are some things I should overlook, blah, blah, blah. WTF! Told her a few more things, & of course she hits me with, "I don't know what your talking about" Bitch, r u serious? LMFAO! Told her I forgave her, but I'll never forget & on that note, never contact me again! My life has been good without her! Didn't miss her, didn't think about her & in less than five minutes of texting with her, I had a fuckin' headache!!! If someone gets me feeling like that, they are nothing but a waste of my time & I don't want to be bothered with your ass anymore! Friendships do not last forever! People grow apart, there's no law written anywhere saying that friendships last forever! It's hard to be friends with anyone who is not maturing, not growing, not learning from their mistakes, someone who has constant drama or negative energy. Has anyone heard the phrase, "Misery Loves Company"? That's what it was then, & had been for some time, and there is no going back for me!

My show Steamy Stimulations will be on the air six months come the 1st week of October! Blogtalkradio has helped me to express myself thru music and talk, I appreciate that! In just 5 days my 1st scenes in porn will be released on mainstream DVD,, on a series titled Blane Bryant's BBBW's Vol.33, Sept 13, 2011 this Tuesday! Excited & nervous, hey honey, I'm ready to take my shit to the next level! Stay tuned!!!

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