Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get up Get going!

Up already u guys, man hustle never stops ;-) Have 2 clients so far 2day, both want deep tissue massages, I 'll be dead beat tired later 2nite! It's worth it tho' love giving massages. Still a bit of runnin around 4 last minute things 4 the party on Saturday, excited & nervous@the same time! Nothing wrong w/that, I am human honey! So my featured guest won't be cuming that nite, oh well, THE PARTY DOES NOT STOP!!! Got 2 keep pushing 4ward! My boy told me, "Shit gurl, u got what it takes, u can handle that all by yourself!" U DAMN FUCKIN' SKIPPY I CAN!!! So do not miss out folks! U call yourself a swinger? U in the lifestyle? U looking 4 sumthin' different in your sex life? Hey Bay Area natives need a change? A different vibe from everything? U need 2 stop by "The Going All Out Lifestyle Party" this Saturday 11pm Livermore, Ca! Near Oakland, folks always ask where is that? How do I get there? In Northern California, sweety! ;-) Damn time is passing me by, I'll be back this evening with more, U can RSVP Kima at for the party if u like, U can also find me on Facebook under SoSexyKima, my Fan page, U Can "LIKE" it also, & c the event posted. Ok so massages, shopping, handle sum other shit, try 2 get sum rest, get ready 4 the weekend!

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