Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Steamy Stimulations Presents...® Xtravaganja 1yr Anniversary 8/12/16

Firefly Fire Joints

Mers Mountain 1500mg thc Key Lime Pie

Queenie's Booth
Cannabis Infused Bath Products
Kima Shines, FlowerKakes 420, & CEO/Owner Queenie

California Honey Extracts 1000mg cartridges

St. Moth Brewing Co.
Cannabis Infused Beer

Our Medicated 420 Creations Edibles

CaliWest Apparel & Clothing

Baby J Kakes Booth
Cupcakes, Icing, Cake Mix

Kurupt's Moonrock Booth

Twin Buddha
Variety of sticks: Honey, Chocolate, Spice

The Smoker's Bathworks Soaps

Mers Mountain
Cannabis Infused Sugar

Kima's Joint

All photos taken by SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines

Steamy Stimulations Presents...®
Kima's Magichands

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