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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Register, Donate, or Walk With Kima Shines at AIDSWALK LA 2015

Join in raising funds toward the AIDS Walk LA 2015!!! I've already signed up and registered and looking for others to join me in walking, help raise or donate to reaching the goal of $1000.00. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated a number of physical and emotional benefits that result from participating in charitable activities: 


After helping others (by fundraising, volunteering, or charitable giving), people report significant increases in happiness and overall well-being—with effects lasting as long as 6 weeks! 


People who participate in charitable activities have greater belief in themselves and their ability to achieve goals and accomplish tasks. 


Research suggests engaging in philanthropy can significantly improve your physical health in many ways, including lowering stress levels, decreasing blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiac events, and even your increasing lifespan.

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