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Friday, June 21, 2013

Peace Of Mind And Body...

Today was my surgery! I arrived on time at 6am, signed a few more papers and was told to wait until my name was called. Fifteen minutes later, I was changing into my gown and urinating in a cup for my urine sample, lol... My nurse Rachel was very kind, helpful and cute! Yes, I got my flirt on ;-) and she let  me. Then for another 45 minutes or so, I saw other nurses, my anesthesiologist, an IV was put in and the two doctors performing my procedure were introduced as well. My anesthesiologist was real cool! Since I'm a chronic marijuana smoker, she explained what might happen while I was going to be completely knocked out! A long tube would be down my throat to my lungs, I may cough a lot once the tube is removed...still knocked out of course. Hmmmmmm... All I remember was her showing me a needle, asking me "If I was ready", and I said, "Lets do this"! She put the needle in the IV, fluid went in...cannot tell anyone what happened next LMMFAO! I Was Knocked The Fuck Out!

I woke up with cottonmouth, groggy, and in the recovery room. My navel area was sore, and my nurse  was checking my vitals. She was telling me, my procedure Tubal Litigation(Sterilization) or tubes tied, was a success and asking how I felt. I went back to sleep, lol...took an hour before I was able to stand and use the restroom. I rested for another ten minutes or so, my nurse went over my medications and that's when I noticed the inhaler for asthma. I don't have asthma...I asked about it, and yes, I was coughing a lot when the tube was removed. It was given to me just in case my throat tightens and to use the inhaler. Damn! I wish I could have seen myself coughing and sitting up on the table under anesthesia!!! I know that shit had to look so fucking surreal!!! 

I was discharged a bit after 12pm, picked up by a close friend, and taken home. Yes, it was a success and I have no regrets. I took responsibility, I knew what I wanted to do, how I wanted my life to be. Feels good to know myself, how many folks can say that...Really?  Right now, I'm resting and recovering...the entire weekend, lol...kind of like a mini vacation! My life is what I make it...AN ADVENTURE!!!

If you've been paying attention...then always expect the unexpected from SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines!

To Be Continued...

Steamy Stimulations Presents...

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