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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Listen, Listen, Pimpin'...

Now...this blog is long overdue! I should have written it over a month ago, but sometimes there are things in life that are way more important!

Not everyone is what they seem, a lot of folks live a lie. A big lie. Some folks don't realize that a reaction can cause a even bigger reaction. Think...before you react. Sometimes it may go your way, or it might backfire on your fuckin' ass! Sometimes the loudest and most talkin' muthafucka in the the biggest flake! Liar, cheat, con artist, insecure bastard ever! Male or female, no discrimination. HAHA! No one can hide from the bullshit, especially when one opens their own big mouth! HAVE MERCY!

If your pimpin'...then your pimpin', but when you come off like a emotional little boy who has temper tantrums...yelling & screaming at the top of your lungs, and all the while your asking a female, "why she's questioning your pimpin'?" Seriously, I hope word gets back that I wrote this blog, because shit is getting out of fucking hand! A damn joke! Muthafucka's are so damn fake! Perpetrating. Ain't got shit going for themselves, nothing. NADA! Ok, pimpin'...I have a opportunity for you and your "bitch" to get some footage thru content exchange, with some legends no doubt...a joke or two is said about pimpin', yes, your pimpin' and your "bitch" goes back and tells you word for word, on a joke no doubt...and you call me...yelling & screaming. That's not pimpin'...that is a boy, who is emotional. Insecure. Instead of you and your "bitch" laughing that shit off, and you sending her ass down for the shoot, and getting some nasty ass footage THAT WILL PUT SOME $$$ IN YOUR POCKET...REGENERATED $$$!!! I look at long term, retirement shit call me trying to prove yourself.  What I am not is one of your "bitches", I won't allow any man to disrespect me. Talk crazy to comeback...stings and burns. Prove that your pimpin'. Really? Seriously? You didn't prove that, you proved that your weak ass hell. Then you go and tell on yourself, YOU announce it on Twitter, LMAO! Anyone who tells on themselves is scared of something, and that folks... is not pimpin'. But, your a PIMP. Your PIMPIN'. A REAL PIMP DOES NOT TELL ON HIMSELF OR HERSELF. Recognize game young whippersnapper!!!


I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to, the game has changed so much. Pimping, whoring, porn, the mentality. The mentality. I now realize that some of these folks in the adult industry have never had a job. A real job. A job with responsibilities, doing actual work, having some type of discipline in their lives. Being told to do something and have it done at a specific time, and with "no excuses". Being able to handle "constructive criticisms" being responsible for their own actions. Everyone wants $$$...but the big difference is how each individual gets it.  Some folks really and truly want to be "ballers" overnight...without putting in any work. Not everyone is that "lucky", not realistic at all. Of course,  I can speak on $$$ right now but I'll save that for another blog...once I get started I can't stop! Whoop! Whoop! It is what it is!

Yes! I am now sporting my natural hair. I will continue to wear my wigs from time to time, but its 2013 and for SoSexyKima it is time for a change! I love my hair short, I love being that bald headed as bitch!  Nothing fake about SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines, question is...can you keep up? ;-) Stay tuned...

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