Thursday, January 31, 2013

So, You Seek Attention...Let Momma Kima Tell A Story...

And to those who like to whine, bitch, and start shit... let me just complete all the scenario's. I'll dot those "I's" and "T's" for everyone. I'll tell a few stories, so all, I mean every fucking person that wants to know, needs to know, or just be plain nosy, lol... can be on the same fucking page. NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS. I don't have children for a reason... I don't want the responsibility of taking care of them. That is a mature and responsible decision I have made for myself. When I have to deal with people over 30 who act like children, that shit is fucking "pathetic". I'm not talking about some fetish shit... diapers, spankings, etc. I'm speaking of a person who lashes out at others if not getting enough attention or in the adult industry not getting enough work. Basically, its all one in the same, with the same damn outcome. Stupid ass shit. I can only shake my head as I think about what happened last week in Las Vegas at the AVN Awards and Expo... the bullshit never stops.

Myself and another female talent FoxxxyLady, were planning on doing content exchange with the wanna be "male bbw pornstar". Last I spoke with him he had some personal issues to handle and would let me know by January 9th if he would be in Vegas. I never heard from him... on to the next. No plans on ever working with him in the future. Two weeks before AVN, the wanna be "male bbw pornstar"contacts FoxxxyLady, she figures she didn't respond back in enough time in his eyes... so he sends her a text message saying some punk ass shit like, "Oh u don't have to call me, u don't have to call me...the AVN's ain't but one weekend, u don't have to act all Hollywood." FoxxxyLady & I laughed so damn hard at that junior high school ass bullshit! This man goes ballistic because she didn't answer him when he called! She said that message was sent an hour after he 1st called her, called her twice, no messages then text asking her to call... then, BOOM! FoxxxyLady does not care that I'm telling this story, these are the facts, don't worry. He did not go to Vegas, and never gave a professional courtesy call saying he would not be going. What he did do was run his fuckin' mouth and tried to start shit with those that did attend.

There's some type of personal beef between wanna be "male bbw pornstar"and Legendary Pornstar RocktheIcon. Wanna be "male bbw pornstar"is the one really creating it and I don't know what it is, don't care but I cannot allow him to fuck up one of my shoots! Thursday to Saturday he constantly called/texted FoxxxyLady, wanting to know who she was doing her scene with, did she shoot with RocktheIcon? She began to ignore him because she knew what he was up to... being nosy. If he wanted to be in Vegas, then he should have came! I was also told by a few folks about him calling around asking questions about me and who's shooting for my company. Really? Seriously? Why the fuck do you care? Your not even fucking here? You didn't even have the courtesy to call me saying you weren't coming! But, you have enough time on your hands to start shit. Shit, that's not even necessary. Completely uncalled for... childish. No way in hell I would ever work with him again and I recommend no one else work with him either.

During a shoot on Saturday, wanna be"male bbw pornstar" again text messages FoxxxyLady... "Oh I c u shot with RocktheIcon, yeah it looks good, looks make sure he gets you some work so he can make u a star!" What the fuck?! LMMFAO!!! FoxxxyLady said she was done, this was not her battle. Only a low self esteem  muthafucka' who likes to start drama and has serious insecurities would go that route. Been a long, long time since I've witnessed or heard such imaturity from a grown man. Sad, sad, sad... jealousy, envy, and sloth among some talent is extremely high. When I tell some of my friends who are not in the adult industry these stories, their jaws drop. They can't believe it, don't want to believe it, ask me how do I put up with it? Is this shit for real? Yes! Yes! Yes! Couldn't fucking make it up if I wanted to! Oh, this shit is real!

I do not have time to worry about personal feelings or issues, if I did that I would never get any work done. I cannot spend time calling around wondering who works with who, or why someone does not want to work for me or with me. I would not get any work done. It is not my problem a person cannot afford to take care of business in a timely matter, these are personal issues. Your personal issues. If you wanted to be in Vegas, then you should have came to Vegas. Your issues with RocktheIcon are your issues, speak to him about what you don't like about him. You cannot make other people not like someone because you do not. Then get mad and lash out at them because they do. Grow the fuck up! This is the real world! Learn to except constructive criticism, learn to keep your fucking mouth shut, learn how to accept the fact that not everyone will work with you, learn & except that you must conduct yourself in a professional business manner and leave your personal feelings and issues at home. This is from a man who's over 35yrs old! It's business, never personal. Learn to separate that... no one else can do that for you, only you. I could go on and on and on... There are thousands of others that think and do exactly as he does, that's what makes it soooooo damn bad.

Momma Kima does not play games with children, I play big mature adult games. Now, start any game with me I plan on finishing it... win or lose. That's what gets me going... a fucking challenge. I do go hard, I do go hard.

I took my time with this blog... lots of thought. The type of message I want to send... who I want it to reach, who I am as I person. I'm not some crazy ass psychotic black woman who just runs off at the mouth... I have something to say. When I speak you should listen. I do not talk about people, it is not gossip. They are facts. Facts of life, facts about life, adventures into... reality. Not every human being deals in reality. Fact.

Steamy Stimulations Presents...will continue to push forward.

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