Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Aware and Cautious Of...

Do not work with website designer...TSJMediaGroup. Also known as Therron Shaheim, I was not forewarned about his business tactics. I had to find out on my own, and that's really sad. Why? Because we are both black/African American, and to be talked to and treated with such disrespect is unprofessional. Unprofessional in business and among our race. Other African American men and women know what I'm talking about. I did seek him out because his work looks great, its eye catching, and its been over six months since my last encounter with another website designer that tried to fuck me over. I took another risk, a risk that has taught me so much.

I signed a contract, made a deposit, asked for two websites to be designed plus a logo. When I made my initial payment I also emailed the login information to the control panel, a few pictures and one video. This all happened on August 13, 2012. On August 29, 2012, Therron himself, called me impatient, said I had a "ego"problem, and that no one wants to work with me, and that he was going to refund my deposit. So, the contract is null & void. He breached his own fucking contract, and as of today I still do not have my refund. He asked for a extension until today, I gave it. Why? Because I'm not impatient, I will give someone the benefit of the doubt. It is the human thing to do. But now, all bets are off. Your probably wondering how this all came about from the dates that are given. Well, I asked for a few things to be changed and he said he would, then when the time came to produce he gave me nothing and didn't answer his phone. This is so unprofessional.

I've kept my mouth shut for quite sometime but no more. It boggles my mind when shit likes that happens, I will never understand it...why? Because I don't treat people that way. Its not about the $$$'s really about the disrespect. Karma is a muthafucka'!!! He's day will come, a person like him always will get their short comings. Always! Mark my word! He's not the only website designer I've had a issue with as well...a female by the name of Platinum Puzzy, another liar and scam artist! Tell her about herself and she begins to whine and bitch about what she has done for you but really...she's done nothing and its all about her, and what she can get out of it to make herself look good. I was able to get my $$$ refunded, but there's no way in hell I would deal with her or anyone in her crew! There's a guy named Joeal Jackson, he actually does good work but his business tactics are sloppy! Do not call yourself a business man/woman if your not able to take constructive criticism or if the client, who is paying you...ask questions! You give me a date, I expect things to be ready, I expect a phone call...I expect you to conduct yourself as a business person! It's real simple. It's real funny! Very funny! I've dealt with some serious shady ass folks in my time, but now since working in the adult/porn's ten times worse! It's only sex folks! Only sex!

If you got to lie, sell wolf tickets, steal, claim to be a website designer, a talent agent, even to say your talent, and you have nothing to show for it...then your absolutely nothing! U don't mean shit to anyone! You want to be "idolized" and thought of as a good person, lmao...what you are is insecure. You do not like yourself at all, and what gets you off is creating drama. A true shit started, you wish you could be in someone's shoes. I've never encountered so many childish and immature folks in my life! It's so fucking hilarious!
The unprofessionalism, and folks working in the adult industry that do not test is ridiculous! The talent that say they want to work but don't test...the numbers are so high! Scary, scary. I could throw out a few names on folks, who told me straight up they don't test and was not planning to when in Vegas next week. Yep, one week from today, Content Exchange Extravagana...going to be a fucking circus. I look forward to it...I welcome all challenges. No more games children, Momma Kima say so. To be continued...

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