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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Greed is the root of all evil...I mean it's one of the biggest sins. We encounter it everyday, every fucking day. Since I started in the adult industry last year I've encountered all of the "Seven Deadly Sins", did I think it was going to be easy...Hell no...did I think I was going to go thru some of the bullshit...yeah, but not to the level it has gone. Not at all. But, I'm glad I did...I've learned so much and I know more will come. I welcome it because it will make me a better business woman along the way. Right now, I sit in Chicago's Midway Airport watching traveler's go to and from, coming off my tour with Chicago's own BigRedBootyXXX that life is good! Life is what you make it...I lost my iPhone while on tour, I was mad, sad, irritated and cursing myself but, a phone is can be replaced. Life cannot be replaced. Life is more important than a object. Life is what the individual puts into it, what we except, what we allow.
If I allow silliness, laziness, scandal, drama, lies, deceit, or just in general...a MUTHAFUCKA' WHO FUCKS UP OR WITH MY MONEY...I  WILL NEVER PROSPER! I've put a lot of time and effort into my work/business/project/career...just know that working with SoSexyKima™ you have no choice but to come clean. It is in your best interest. LMMFAO! No, really it is in your best interest.

So, you know by now this blog began several weeks ago, like right after I got back from Chicago. Its the 1st week of Sept. I decided to return to school in October, change the radio show back to Sundays, maybe at a new time...still thinking about it. Shot the 1st real scenes for Steamy Stimulations Presents...™ with two lovely "Ladybugs" Honey & "L" it was a really fun, exciting day for me. I'm now able to show my skills behind the camera! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I learned so much about myself and how actors/actresses feel on the camera as well as off. I want those who experience working with my company or myself on film to experience professionalism, honesty, and fun along the way. I'm still a amateur in the adult industry with sooooo much more to learn and understand but, I put hard work into everything I do to produce a product that I want everyone to like!!!

I like the fact folks have viewed my blog, Thank You!!! But, what I really need is subscribers. I need my viewers to...Subscribe To My Blog!!! If you enjoy the blog, then I guarantee you'll love the websites!!! Both are coming real soon!!! Been since Jan. 2012 that I've said that, has been a long process with so many obstacles. I sometimes wonder if it's meant to be, am I in the right business? ....................Yes, I am. I've never felt so sure, relaxed, comfortable, and happy in my life. Continuing to take everything in stride, one day at a time. I'd like all my viewers to become subscribers! ;-) To all my viewers, let's make a pact together to...SUBSCRIBE TO SOSEXYKIMA'S BLOG!!! At It's going to start getting very hot & nasty, so once the websites are launched you do not want to miss the action!!! Mark my words.

Yes, of course this blog began over a month ago, lol...I try 2 get to it, I try. will be moving back to Sundays beginning September 30, 2012 and at a new time, 430pm Pacific Standard Time. Why the changes? Conflict of schedule with work, school starts in a few weeks, and I just enjoy my lazy Sundays, lol. Tailgate and watch the game at home, or wherever the hell I may be, start my show an hour before the last game. Just chill...Life is good! Oh, the show will still be 2 hours, crazy, exciting and fun!!! I have to admit, I still have not listened to the show Live! On Set w/Steamy Stimulations Presents... I know others have though...I should do another... hmmmmmmmmm. I need to go ahead, post this blog and start new!!!! Damn it! Stay tuned.........

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