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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I'm To Old For Children's Games, My High School Days Were A Looooooooong Time Ago.

"I find it funny as fuck how ball headed ppl saleing pussy now. .after they been doggin ppl wit hair when they do it..."

WTF! What does that mean? It makes no fucking sense whatsoever, HaHaHa! Seriously!

This was sent to me last night by a follower who saw it posted on Twitter. Posted a few days ago by the same female who bought her scenes from my studio over a year ago. The same one that I wrote about in my blog, "Cease and Desist...Copyright Infringement...There Are Rules..." How I look, and how I condone myself...Is none of your fucking business. Lmao, not my place to knock another females hustle, IDGAF really ;-)
I laughed my ass off so hard after reading that post, it wreaks of ignorance, jealousy, and frustration. No need to give you recognition with a ‪#‎hashtag‬, but feel free to #hashtag me if you like, Muah!  Once a person has a dosage of Kima's an experience they will never, ever forget. You'll either yearn for that experience again, or want to be in my shoes. Let me sum it up for you... Extraordinary, Dynamic, Captivating, and Provocative = SoSexyKima


I'll never understand how a person, male or female, thinks that it is "ok" to act like nothing's ever happened. Here's a story...I had an agreement with someone to work together, I noticed that they really weren't putting much effort into this agreement, then when it's time to come together this person is a no show. They didn't even have the common courtesy or respect to let me know. Months go pass, and out of the blue, they contact me thru text, on some silly shit really, and don't even speak of what happened months before. Neither did I. But, I am "taking notes". Then, a month later I am contacted again on some silly shit, but I know for a fact it was to inquire about my career move to work at the Chicken Ranch Brothel. The words, "I am behind you 100%" stuck out to me. Not one bit of truth to it, and again no mention of what happened months ago. Again, "taking notes".  My note taking lead me to the decision to never call this person again. Contact would only be made if they texted me first, or I may contact them thru Facebook. I did that recently, and they got back to me inquiring when we would work together again. My answer was this: 

no phone call or text saying you weren't going to show made me look bad, truthfully 

like a damn fool. Never again. That's bad business for my co. and I will not allow you or 

anyone else to do that to me or my co. Business not Personal.

Now, what could have been said months ago, is now being said to me. Including, a "never mind, sorry I asked, and take care."

It was not important to this person, so they needed an excuse. Even if it was "true" or a "lie".  They did not want to do it, plain and simple. Nor gave a fuck about at least acknowledging what had happened. What a "selfish muthafucka". I cannot and no longer deal with people like that in my life. It does not benefit me in anyway, takes up too much of my energy. My energy is needed for positivity, uplifting, and inspiration. Nothing inspirational, positive, or uplifting about that. I'd be a damn fool to do business with this person again, to be cordial is different, that was the plan until the "temper tantrum"... I forgive, but I do not forget. Thank you for helping make my decision soooooooo much easier.

and ADIOS!

SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines

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