Saturday, December 21, 2013


Escort service. I, SoSexyKima aka Kima Shines am not a escort or a prostitute. I am a adult entertainer, there is a difference. I get paid to have sex on camera, which the footage is then sold on a DVD or sold online. I work only with those who have been tested for all sexually transmitted disease, again...only on camera! And now, since there is so much irresponsibility within the adult industry, and some folks cannot separate their personal lives from work...I will only work with other performers tested thru Talent Testing, and Cutting Edge Testing, and do condom only scenes from now on!

Yes, there are a few...shit a fucking huge number of females in the adult industry that are escorting or prostituting...THAT DOES NOT MEAN ALL FEMALES IN THE ADULT INDUSTRY DO THAT!!! I don't knock anyone's hustle, but that is not my thing. Never has been, never will be. Seriously, I don't have the patience or the attitude for it...I had a friend who was a escort, the things she told me she encountered with her clients...FUCK NO!!! I would have killed my client or he/she would have killed me. I talk back, I talk shit, and I fight back! Again, no patience for that type of work, and since I know reason for me to even consider doing.

STEAMY STIMULATIONS PRESENTS... IS NOT A ESCORT SERVICE! It's a adult production company that produces adult, mature content to be sold on the internet and on a DVD. There have been a few females who shot scenes for the company, and they are escorts or prostitutes. They represent themselves not my company, not SoSexyKima nor Kima Shines. I like having a 9 to 5 job, that offers job security, keeps me disciplined, and most importantly...LEGIT AND OUT OF JAIL! It's all about choices, I choose to live my life they way I want to...not what others think I should be doing. What works best for another female, does not work well for me, and vice versa. I'm also a licensed massage therapist with the State of California, and I've worked to damn hard to establish my career and build my private practice. I'm also in the process of getting my esthetician license...again, background checks are taken, fingerprints, and your criminal record is checked...I cannot in any way be associated with escorting or prostitution. As a licensed massage therapist, all of my sessions are STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL. Again...STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL. 

As a adult entertainer I offer services as a adult actress, freelance photographer and videographer, hostess & massage therapist for adult events(swinger parties, expo's, clubs, etc.), adult model, makeup artist, waxing specialist, and bartender. All services come with a fee, a contract, and my word to provide the best services possible. STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL.

I know some folks will be able to differentiate what I'm talking about...others will have no clue. It's quite alright, I have no problem repeating or explaining this topic, it's for my safety, and to maintain the integrity of my company. 




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