Thursday, December 6, 2012

Working So Hard...

My goodness! It has been minute, so fuckin' busy these days and it will be for awhile. Started school a month ago, to learn about skin care, so I can become a Esthetician. As a teenager, I had the occasional outbreaks due to puberty, but I never wore makeup. For my 8th grade graduation, my mom got me made up at the makeup counter in Nordstrom's. I looked okay, didn't like the way my face felt, heavy and sticky. Didn't do again, literally. Then my 1st year in college, I put on some lipstick, reddish brown color...I have thick full they stood out. Lol, when I think back on it, it was funny but it really wasn't. A old friend, may he rest in peace now, made fun of my lips so was ridiculous! Constantly saying over, and over again, "Your Lips Look Hella Big $@#^!!!! He was such an asshole. Well, I ran to the bathroom and immediately washed off my lips and never wore lipstick again. I wear lip gloss, but no rich deep colors, just lip gloss.
It's so true when something in your childhood affects you as an adult. Still discouraged, still traumatized  by a bully. Haha! Muthafucka!

So, skin care is so new to me. Having fun learning I must say, quite interesting to know about my skin and then be able to look at another and see what's going on with their skin. Knowing the difference with the acne on a person's face or back, dryness & flakiness in the skin, who does & does not exfoliate...I could go on and on. Lmao, and that's exactly what I plan on doing. Going up, moving forward, and climbing the ladder in all my endeavors.

Ok, so you know this blog is like a few weeks old, lol...always right? I bullshit on writing, just like right now I have a paper due in the morning at the beginning of class and I have not started shit! WTF!!! That's me on paperwork, always a turtle. STEAMY STIMULATIONS PRESENTS...™ is moving forward! My CLIPS4SALE STUDIO will be available soon, so get your dicks ready for some hardcore action! Official Website will be launched in the spring of 2013! Somewhere around my graduation, yes! Licensed Esthetician! Go Kima! INYOFACE! And about the radio show, I'm just so busy that by the time I remember its to late or I'm doing something else at the time. The show is a hobby for me so it will be from time to time...and I'll leave it as that. I can't even guarantee myself what I'm going to do, lmao...go with the flow, go with the flow.
Next month in Las Vegas is going to be something else, lol. Already hearing, and noticing a lot of crazy shit going on with some folks. Man, everyone and everything is not all that it seems. MESSAGE. I promise to take lots and lots of photos, video and stories to tell, because I do believe its going to be hilarious!!! Haha! Real Talk! Something else I tell U!!! Something else! CONTENT EXCHANGE EXTRAVAGANZA! That's right, STEAMY STIMULATIONS PRESENTS...™ will be shooting adult scenes, having photo shoots in Las Vegas Jan. 17-21, 2013 during the 30th Anniversary of the Adult Video Network Expo & Awards. Contact me to make a appointment for a photo shoot or book a video shoot. I can be behind or on camera for video shoot. ;-) I have all this information on blog, Facebook, Twitter, XBIZ, and a few other social networks. You can google as well, its there for you...just seek it out. I added a small clip, it's self explanatory. Look forward to my "Behind the Scenes" clips, like I said before, "I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to!" Ok, enough procrastination Kima, do  your paper! That's all folks until next time! Stay tuned...

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