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Friday, September 23, 2011


Been a minute since last blog, told myself, "More blogs, more blogs" just so much going on these days. Good things! Later 2nite I have to work on my shows for the weekend, my audience has doubled over the last month, fabulous! very happy about that, I get a few callers each show, I'd like more, I'm patient it will come in due time. A friend said he just likes to hear me talk, lol, Give me some feedback, make a comment! Crazy man, luv em 2 death :-) My 1st scene in porn was released last week on, the title is Blane Bryant's BBBW'S Vol.33, I have the 2nd scene. Made myself watch it...OH BOY! LMAO! I was a very bad girl, I didnt' know I did those things, HaHaHaHaHa! Well, its all out for others to see now, there is no turning back! I had fun on set, on camera, I enjoy having sex. I hope those who watch it get horny & want to have sex too! That is the point! Of course, I want to do more scenes, no doubt about it! I didn't get into it 2 do a few, nothing wrong w/making a name 4 myself. This is a cutthroat business I'm learning, its amazing! Doesn't matter what busines you do, no one can be trusted! These days I go with my gut, if it feels shady...Fuck It! Not for me, I'm no fool, & I didn't fall off the cabbage truck yesterday. Mmmmm-hmmmm, watch out there now!

Let me tell u a funny story, was talking 2 this person last week, we both have a mutual acquaintance, they mentioned this person, I asked a question/comment, then it was over, this person is now a afterthought. Few more minutes of conversation, we both say, "goodbye" They hesitate & say "Oh, what was that, u had a question?" I laugh my ass off! I say, "No I don't have any questions" Laugh again & hang up. The nerve, if that wasn't messy & someone trying to start some shit, I don't know what else to call it! You bring this person up, wanting me to know you saw them, then when I don't inquire enough about them, you try to provoke/entice me! Ha! That's drama, negative energy for real! Some folks are really on some other type of hype, lol, Fuckin joke! Losers! Listening to my man Bob Marley and The Wailers Live at the Rainbow, what do u folks know about that? Reggae is a universal music, more white folks listen to it than blacks! Amazing ass shit!

In a relaxing mood right now, kickback, ready 4 the weekend, have some fun & get some rest. I have one client this weekend, I am a massage therapist, if u didn't know. Love what I do, found my niche in life ;-) Healing & helping others helping others thru touch is fascinating. I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger, this is more fulfilling to me, glad I followed thru. I specialize in working with people who have cancer, a terrible disease, the massage is totally different. SoSexyKima is a person, a human being, that does her part to help others. I volunteer once a month at a women's clinic in downtown Oakland giving massages to women of all colors who have cancer, on top of my private practice & part time position. Thinking about going back to school next your, looking real good right now, my options are endless at this time. I'm a open book, willing to go the extra mile to secure my future. What are you doing for yourself? What do you seek? What are your dreams & goals? Don't let it slip away!

This fucking weather is going to kill me!!! Bay Area!!! Love my hometown, San Francisco, love the east bay too ;-) I call that home now, for the past 10yrs, one minute its warm, now the fog has rolled in! Aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh, summer is officially over here when that happens going to get colder too!!!  Bob Marley is on his last song, I better wrap this up, lol. More blogs Kima, make the time, make the time...Oh yeah I'll be giving away DVD's on my Sunday shows, u have to answer a trivia question about me, what my favorite things are, this Sunday's trivia question is: What's my favorite sex position? U have to call in to the show, to win (818)369-0315 Steamy Stimulations on 830pm pst, that's California time, lol. Hope u follow my show, blogs, tweets, haha shit... that's the only way u will know what my favorite things are, Ha, good luck!

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